Quickly drive away swelling

During pregnancy, women may notice thatthe beloved engagement ring began to crush. And from the watch on his hand remains a notable trace. This is a manifestation of edema, which often accompanies pregnancy, only the degree of swelling in all women is not the same. Someone completely copes with edema itself, and someone may need the help of a doctor, however, one must know exactly when swelling should cause anxiety, and when one can safely continue their normal life.

How do you know if it's edema?

During pregnancy, all future mothers gainweight - an average of about 8-12 kg, of which approximately 5-7 kg is due to fluid retention in the body. The fluid retention in the body is a physiological phenomenon and conditioned by the action of the same hormones that support pregnancy - progesterone and estrogens. This is a necessary thing for the body - the increased weight and the amount of blood in the vessels requires a larger volume of extracellular fluid to provide the necessary level of metabolism. The liquid begins to linger in all tissues of the body evenly, except perhaps the skeleton, and most of all, the fluid retains fat and connective tissues. Blood itself is 2 liters more than a non-pregnant woman.

Usually, swelling begins to appear from the secondhalf of pregnancy, by increasing the concentration of hormones, developing crumbs and increasing the placenta and uterus. First, there is a feeling of looseness of the skin, as if it is a dough, what doctors call pastoznost, on the legs and feet, on the hands and stomach. On the back of the brush, the skin is more difficult to gather into the crease, the woman begins to feel puffiness herself. Then the face is rounded, the eyelids and cheeks can swell, the facial expression changes. Obvious swelling in the limbs, on the back and face can be in the last months of pregnancy.

How to check puffiness? It's not difficult - press your finger on the shin area, where the skin passes over the bone, in the front part. If a fovea is formed, this indicates puffiness. The deeper the fovea and the longer it goes, the more pronounced the swelling of the tissues.

In addition, swelling can be suspected ifthe pregnant woman began to gain weight in a week. Doctors know that for pregnant women there are clear standards for weight gain - and a strong deviation from the norm indicates a delay in excess fluid. Therefore, it is important to visit a doctor regularly and measure body weight with pressure, this will allow timely correction of pathology.

Norm and not the norm.

In the body of pregnant women there are many specialhormones - aldosterone and prolactin, one of the properties of which is a delay in the body's fluid. This is due to the effects of hormones on sodium, a component of the salt that we eat. And salt, due to its physical properties, draws water to it and keeps it in tissues, blood vessels and cells, causing puffiness. This is manifested by the inability to put on shoes that used to be in the past, rings and bracelets become tight. Hours, there are traces of elastic bands of socks. This is especially evident after 26-28 weeks of pregnancy, if a woman drinks a lot of water, eats salty or spicy, spicy, during heat or after a load. The swelling will quickly go away as soon as the cause of their appearance is eliminated and the baby and his mother are not harmed.

Usually, when such edema occursrecommended rest, lying or sitting with raised legs on the table or chair, sleep on the left side. In such positions, the outflow from the limbs improves, the kidneys work better and the outflow of urine formed improves on the ureters. Some salt and liquid restriction is required, usually the next day everything passes.

However, one must know that persistent edema is not the norm. If the feet swell first, by evening or after a long standing, and then in the daytime, then it becomes difficult to wear the rings on the hands, the feet and ankles are always pasty and do not pass even after sleeping, spreading upwards is an occasion to consult a doctor. In addition to heaviness in the legs and fatigue, this can lead to a serious complication - gestosis of pregnant women. One of the manifestations of gestosis is the so-called nephropathy. The defeat of the kidneys, to which if you do not start to treat in time, protein in the urine, blood pressure, violation of blood flow in the placenta, suffering of the baby. This eventually leads to a serious complication, threatening the lives of mom and baby - pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. They are manifested by severe headache, hypertensive crisis, loss of consciousness, convulsions, and even coma. Therefore it is extremely important to be constantly under the supervision of a doctor and perform all the predisposition, to clearly control the state of health and weight. At nephropathy it is desirable to be hospitalized in a hospital, to be under supervision. With nephropathy, the fetus almost does not suffer. However, there is a risk of complications and therefore you must take care of yourself.

And what else can be?

Our women do not shine with health, so they havethere may be kidney and heart disease before pregnancy. This can lead to the fact that during pregnancy, in conditions of increased stress, there may be disruptions in the work of these organs and the appearance of edema. This indicates a pronounced disruption in the work of these organs, which means that it requires hospitalization and detailed monitoring and treatment.

If a woman has an unhealthy heart - vices,myocarditis, heart failure, cardiosclerosis, swelling during pregnancy can occur due to the fact that the heart can not cope with the load and heart failure occurs. These swelling occurs in the limbs, especially in a standing position, these are the hands and feet if the woman walks or stands, or the lower back and waist with hips, if lying. The face and the humeral girdle with them practically do not swell, this is due to the peculiarities of blood circulation and stagnation of blood, so the swelling is called stagnant. To clarify where the swelling comes from, doctors examine the liver, it is increased with cardiac edema due to hepatic hypertension and blood stagnation in the vessels. With the development of edema in gestosis or kidney damage, the liver does not suffer. with cardiac edema usually there are other manifestations of the disease - shortness of breath, tachycardia attacks, cyanosis around the mouth or extremities - with gestosis such symptoms do not happen.

Edema with kidney problems usually occur whenalmost the most affected tissues - most often these are acute or chronic glomerulonephritis. With pyelonephritis and urolithiasis, pronounced edema usually does not happen. Renal edema starts from the top down - the face swells, bags under the eyes appear, then the hands and feet swell. In order to find out the true cause of swelling, urine tests and additional diagnostics are carried out, because pregnancy can aggravate the existing kidney and not manifest itself earlier. Renal edema will be treated by a urologist or nephrologist, and they go away with the use of special medicines. With any swelling a woman put in a hospital, because there is danger for the baby and for her.

When pregnancy is important to monitor the weight andconsumption of liquid and salts. The amount of water consumed by a woman should not exceed 1.5-2 liters, and all food and food, and not just drink, are considered here. If there is no visible edema and the fovea on the tibia is not expressed, then there is no edema and you drink enough. In addition, the control of swelling gives the dynamics of weight. Sodium consumption is controlled in the same way - it is necessary to look for everything a little for yourself, avoid spicy and salty foods - pickles and tomatoes, herring, black bread, sauerkraut.

If swelling does not pass overnight, there is a heavinessin the legs, the pastosity of the body, especially the hands and feet, weight gain of more than 0.5 kg per week - it burns the presence of edema in the body and it is necessary to adjust the nutrition and fluid intake. Temporarily reduce fluid intake to a liter, but do not limit yourself - water is necessary for proper metabolism. Reduce the juicy fruits and vegetables in the diet - they are equal in volume to water, remove tea and coffee in them there are no valuable substances, and the water load is high. In addition, limit salt, you will have enough of the sodium that contain the products themselves. On the recommendation of the doctor, you can use folk medicine and diuretic properties of foods, let's talk about this in more detail.

How to deal with swelling

if the edema is small - the doctor will recommendhouses, plenty of rest and lying, forbidden to lift weights, long standing near the stove and washing. Legs during rest throw on a chair or the edge of the table, the sofa cushion - in this way the blood flow improves and the heart and kidneys work better. In the last months of pregnancy, the growing uterus compresses the blood vessels and ureters, which can aggravate edema and disrupt the general condition, so it is useful to lie more often on the left side or with a pillow under the right buttock, then the uterus shifts to the left and improves the outflow of blood and urine.

It is important to follow a diet - to reduce the amountliquid up to 1 liter, limit or completely eliminate salt and salt products for a while. In addition, the development of edema will be promoted by sugar and sweet foods, carbohydrate products that quickly transform into the body to glucose - potatoes, pasta, rice and fine flour. For a while fried, cooked on a grill, with pepper and spices dishes are excluded. It is best to cook for a couple, bake or stew the food. Daily food should be meat or fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products. Well help to drive the excess water and replenish the stocks of trace elements certain vegetables and fruits - squash, squash, cucumber, leaf salad, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, grapes, gooseberries, cherries, pears and apples. Diuretic effect is noted in many vegetable, fruit and berry juices, for example, a third of a glass of cucumber, pumpkin or carrot juice per day will help relieve the kidneys. Birch juice also helps in this matter. A diuretic effect is found in Kalina with honey, cranberries with sugar or jam from black chokeberry, broth or berries of blackberries, quince, dried apricots or apricots.

Phytotherapy in the treatment of edema.

After consulting a doctor, it is possible to useherbal dues and teas. If there is no allergy to herbs. You can pick up one grass or collection, which has a diuretic and anti-edematous effect. This is for example an infusion of chamomile flowers, a mixture of berries and leaves of cranberries, the lobster of crushed chicory roots. They are poured with boiling water, insisted and taken in equal portions throughout the day. Such gatherings are equally helpful: the leaves and fruits of cranberries, wild strawberry, oat seed, large plant leaves, chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, herbage grass, cinnamon grass. Another collection that helps with edema is mixed with the equal parts of the leaves of the blackberry with bluish leaves, common cranberry leaves, medicinal herb grass, weed grass, the seeds of oat seed, the fruits and shoots of blueberries, cinnamon, wild strawberry leaves, five-lobed motherwort, raisins seedless.

In the treatment of edema, an important place is given to moderatephysically stress, gymnastics of pregnant women. For a pregnant woman, swimming is possible, frequent walks in the fresh air in the park zone, positive emotions and sedative therapy, relaxation, music will be useful. If a woman is calm, a lot of time rests and takes care of herself - this reduces the risk of any complications. You can take decoction of valerian root, herbaceous motherwort, broth of dogrose, raisins, hawthorn.

Of course, swelling during pregnancy is not very pleasantphenomenon. However, you need to remember that small swelling is quite acceptable, you need to monitor weight, control nutrition and well-being, be calm and relaxed. In case of any doubts, consult with your obstetrician-gynecologist, they do not violate the normal course of pregnancy, they do not harm the baby, if everything is taken under strict control. And soon you will generally forget them, because a crumb will be born.

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