Swelling after drinking

How to remove swelling after alcohol?

After waking up in the morning after a pretty booze, we, slightly swaying, approach the mirror, and, O God! What kind of monster look at us from behind the looking-glass? A cloudy wandering gaze, disheveled hair,

but the face! Mom dear, can this be called a person? Yeah, edemas do sometimes change the appearance beyond recognition. And sometimes the legs are like an elephant. Why is so often there is swelling from alcohol and how can I quickly put my face in order?

Most often after a sit-down with a lot ofalcoholic drinks swell limbs (legs, hands) and face. And although this does not happen at all, with regular abuse of alcohol can not be doubted: edematous face is guaranteed.

This is due to the fact that ethanol causes a strong intoxication of the whole organism and leads to an imbalance in the performance of many of its systems.

As for the edema, this pathological accumulation of fluid in the tissues can speak about the problems in the work of the blood supply system and excretory system.

In addition, as a result of abundant libationsthe ionic equilibrium, acid-base balance is disturbed, the pathological distribution of fluid in the body develops, which is sometimes called dehydration.

Swelling of hands and feet after drinking alcohol

If you periodically began to sweat your hands and, especially, your legs, after drinking, it is worth thinking about how to drink less.

But if the legs swell again and again - there is no longerto jokes: it's time to see a doctor. Here it's not just a case of intoxication of the body and failure of the blood separation or blood supply systems. If the legs swell from time to time - it can go about alcoholic cardiomyopathy or chronic arterial, cardiac hypertension.

Often such symptoms are observed with ascites(pathological accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity) - then this may be a sign of portal hypertension, which develops on the background of cirrhosis, hepatitis or alcoholic dystrophy.

Swelling of the face after drinking

The swollen face, swollen eyelids are also frequent companions of a plentiful feast with a drink. Here, not only alcohol is guilty, but also:

Abundant food, especially salty, Lack ofprotein food, improper position of the body at night, during sleep, use of a significant amount of liquid at night, constant lack of sleep, kidney and heart disease.

To remove swelling of the face, first of all, it is necessary to conduct detoxification of the body, then arrange contrasting baths, washing alternately with cold and hot water.

To reduce the swelling of the eyelids, you can attach to them sachets of spattered tea (preferably green), cold slices of cucumber or a napkin soaked in cool water.

How to quickly eliminate swelling after alcohol

If you notice that after drinking you have a strongswelled feet, or fingers on hands became similar to sausages, it is a question of alcoholic edemas, to eliminate which it is necessary not directly, and indirectly. That is, to treat the edema itself does not make sense, it is worth starting with eliminating the causes that caused them.

Yes, you can begin to eliminate swelling of the legs and face with the restoration of microcirculation in the kidneys or with the therapy of accelerated outflow of fluid from the tissues, but it will be more likely to struggle with the effect than with the cause.

First of all, you need to deal with the removal of intoxicationorganism, i.e., accelerated elimination of toxins. One of our articles is devoted to this topic, but if in short, it is worth cleaning the stomach and intestines, since it is there that the greatest concentration of poisons and toxins is observed, including through the ingestion of alcohol into our bodies.

After cleansing the intestines and stomach, it's worth to drinkmore than usual non-carbonated or mineral water, in small portions, but often. Sometimes specialists prescribe diuretics, but only after relief of withdrawal syndrome, and it is better to use any medications after consultation with a specialist.

And remember - no "drunkenness"!

Usually, swollen face and swollen feet return toThe old look after the competent treatment of a hangover and restoration of an organism. True, with strong binges sometimes it may take even a couple of weeks.

And then, provided that it is not about alcoholicswith the experience - there absolutely started case at which the whole course of treatment is required, and not edemas, and all organism and its systems, destroyed under the influence of alcoholic drinks.

And then, provided that it is not about alcoholicswith experience - there is a completely neglected case in which a whole course of treatment is required, and not the edema itself, but the whole alcohol swelling eliminates the hands of the foot of the cause of the cause

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