Edema after gestosis

Syndrome of compression of the inferior vena cava in pregnant women

Important information for expectant mothers about why, starting with certain periods of pregnancy, one should avoid lying on the back.

legs. unfortunately, often occur in women during pregnancy or after childbirth. Cutting muscles legs compress the veins and forced (due to the valves). a real and effective way of preventing swelling of the feet during pregnancy and

Dangerous changes: gestosis of pregnant women

Pregnant gestosis (it is also called latetoxicosis) is a complication of pregnancy that occurs in the second half and is characterized by impaired functions of vital organs and systems. Unfortunately, gestosis is one of the most common problems: its signs are revealed in 13-16% of expectant mothers.

Per day edema descend on legs and the lower abdomen. Even with pronounced edema

The story of the birth of Oksana_Sun

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Ela "phytolysin" - a terrible muck to the taste, but it helped from edema better than different. In general, prepared, pointed out, I came to the hospital with a terrible edema - legs. After childbirth his son slept all day, occasionally waking up,