Edema after overeating

Russian feast since ancient times was famous for its abundance of dishes, and the tradition to celebrate holidays "in full" has survived to this day

It would seem that the bad thing is to be goodeat, especially with family or friends? Nothing, if you do not take into account the fact of overeating and its serious consequences. They can be very unpleasant, and the extra centimeters on the waist and kilograms on the scales - this is only a minimal evil.

If you could not resist and still ate duringholidays, your state of health probably leaves much to be desired. Possible consequences of overeating are a violation of normal metabolism, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension, gastritis, ulcer, dysbacteriosis, worsening of the liver and biliary organs and joint diseases. And this is not a complete list of diseases that are awaiting gluttony!

Excessive eating can lead to increasedtimes the work of the autonomic nervous system and to the overload of the entire nervous system as a whole. Digestive organs during intensive work need increased blood flow, so often there is a deficit in the brain. As a result, nervous and intellectual processes are violated. But after the holidays, we really need such processes, because we are returning to work.

Alas, an excessive number of even healthy anduseful food paralyzes the cells of the brain and reduces the level of their vital activity. Therefore, overeating creates much more problems than even excessive labor.

Do not think that one-time overeating can notcause such severe health consequences. Even succumbing to the temptation of boundless gluttony once, you can provoke an exacerbation of gastritis. A surplus of carbohydrates leads to an increase in the sugar content in the blood and, as a consequence, diabetes mellitus. And what happens when some of us "eagerly" eat all the New Year holidays? Excess fats, especially animal origin, affect cholesterol, and the abuse of proteins gives an additional burden to the kidneys and nervous system. Puffiness and insomnia are only the weak effects of protein overeating. And, besides this, it should be remembered that in some people the festive overeating turns into a dangerous habit - overeating is chronic.

Of course, preventing overeating is easier than"Treat" the consequences. But holidays are holidays, and only the most persistent of us can resist temptations. What actions can be taken to quickly eliminate the consequences of holiday excesses?

In addition to abstaining from harmful food, there are not so many ways to protect yourself, unfortunately. You can alternate meals with activity, for example, a walk or a set of simple exercises.

There is an opinion that after overeating it is necessarycertainly arrange a fasting day or start to observe a very tough diet. These methods are not very good, since overeating itself is a stress for the body, and a strict diet will only exacerbate an unimportant state of health.

Meals should be regular on the following daysand correct. Watch for the quality of the products, in any case do not eat up "leftovers" - they should be thrown away. Food should be fresh, with a high content of fat, carbohydrates, salt and protein. Do not forget about physical activities - it can be swimming pool exercises, yoga, fitness, jumping rope or massage hoop for weight loss. They will help to reduce the consequences of "gluttony" to a minimum.

After about a week or two, you can start to follow a diet. Choose it for yourself to your liking. But do not overdo it, this diet should last no more than three days.

To help your body, you need to includemenu herbal infusions. Due to their chemical composition, they facilitate the digestion process and purify the body. Our ancestors knew about the positive role of herbal infusions and teas for improving well-being. And today, using phytotherapy, it is important to understand which plants are the most suitable, given the general state of health.

People suffering from chronic diseases,before taking herbs you should definitely consult a doctor. In addition, one should take into account the fact that some infusions are more effective if taken before meals, and others, on the contrary, after a certain time after eating.

For example, infusion of peppermint, drunk beforefood, promotes the secretion of gastric juice, which facilitates the process of digestion. The curative properties of melissa and chamomile, on the contrary, are more evident if taken after a meal, because their digestive effect is based on muscle relaxation. Infusion of anise or fennel seeds helps to eliminate gas formation. It is equally effective both before and after eating.

The correct temperature of the herbalinfusion or tea - it affects their therapeutic effect on the body. For example, infusions of dill, chamomile, anise or mint are recommended to drink warm, because their medicinal properties are partly due to the concentration of essential oils evaporating during cooling.

It's no secret that overeating is fraught with swelling -salty and spicy foods, which we absorb in large quantities during festive feasts, detain so much liquid in the body that the scales can easily show you a few extra pounds just because of the water! Especially do not worry - to gain three kilograms of fat for a New Year's Eve is simply unrealistic.

Remove excess fluid from the body and copewith swelling can be with the help of a wild horsetail or dandelion. But to resort to plants with a laxative effect, such as hay, buckthorn or rhubarb, doctors do not advise - this can lead to an imbalance of fluid in the body. It is more reasonable to use every day on an empty stomach or before a dream yogurt with bifidobacteria mixed with wheat bran, as a soft laxative.

After holidays it is useful to include in dailya menu of antioxidant products that help the liver cleanse the body after overeating. This is especially important for those who smoke or those who have circulatory system disorders.

It's good to start the day with a glass of grapefruitor orange juice, enter the daily menu of lemon, pineapple and carrots. Artashes also will be superfluous, perfectly stimulating the work of the liver and gallbladder.

Add yoghurt, green tea, oatmeal to your menuwith honey, poultry, green vegetables, boiled fish and dried fruits. Organize food intake so that you do not have time to get hungry until the wolfish state. It is better to eat in small portions, but more often. If this can not be done due to the nature of the work, in basic meals include more vegetables and fruits, preferring green salads, citrus and pineapple.

Thus, by calling for help herbs and correctly composing a post-holiday menu, you can easily help the body cope with the unpleasant consequences of overeating and restore good health.

Medications - if nothing else helps

The use of drugs to treat overeating is,of course, the last resort. They should not be neglected or abused. Just use the medication only in the most neglected cases, when you can not do without them. If the abdomen is swollen, the drug "espumizan" or another simethicone containing the substance-liquid will help.

Feeling of heaviness and raspiraniya in the stomach, nausea anda sensation of swelling will help to eliminate the drug that normalizes the motility of the digestive tract - for example, motilium. This drug will restore the process of digesting food and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. By the way, infusion of fennel or dill or a cup of ordinary green tea will also help improve your condition. Defeat heartburn with antacids (for example, renni), as well as alkaline mineral water without gas.

Of course, before using strong drugs, it is better to consult a doctor. Be healthy!