Worms and swelling

Posted on October 4, 2012 | Author Ekaterina Ivanovna

How to get rid of worms, which are called - pinworms, in the people of their stillcalled jumpers? There are many folk remedies for expelling these parasites from the body. I want to advise some of them in this article, these methods have passed the test of time and have always very effectively helped.

To defeat the enemy you need to study it, so let's get acquainted with the pinworms closer.

Worms or helminths are parasitic worms that have an unpleasant habit of settling in the human or animal body.

After the settlement of the worms, there is a general violation of the state of health, there may be lesions of individual organs.

You can get infected with worms by eating poorly digested meat from animals infected with eggs and larvae. Or by ingestion of eggs and larvae in the human body, the development of which occurs in the soil.

Symptoms are different. Almost in all cases, the invasion of worms leads to weight loss, malaise, the head begins to spin and another person becomes very irritable.

When helminths start to dominate in the intestine, it leads to constipation, diarrhea, nausea and even vomiting.

If these parasites have chosen your liver, then jaundice and swelling will appear.

Worms grabbed the lungs - expect a cough and discharge from the nose.

Especially from such an affliction may suffer children. There may be a violation of physical and mental development, stunting, sexual development, memory disorder.

Now let us dwell on the problem that was determined for this article - pinworms.

Jumps like to dwell in the final section of the small intestine and in the human caecum.

Consider closer to these harmful parasites: the length of the female 10-12mm. The male is much smaller - 3-5mm. The body of the worm is white with pointed tips. Eggs are colorless.

When the females are ready to lay eggs, theydescend into the rectum and creep out. Eggs are laid near the anus. Eggs are very large, about twelve thousand. After the deposition of eggs, the females die.

This process causes itching. A person becomes infected with pinworms, swallowing eggs, which he puts into his mouth with hands, contaminated with scratching.

Well, that's the main picture of the problem, now it remains to find out, how to get rid of worms.

Seven folk anthelminthes that are used for infection with pinworms:

  1. Take one piece: chamomile pharmacy, flowers tansy, common, gentian yellow root. Two pieces of herb wormwood grass and three pieces of buckthorn bark fragile. A tablespoon of the prepared mixture pour one glass of boiling water in a thermos. Leave it overnight. In the morning, you can strain and drink every morning and every evening for a glass of infusion before eating. It is necessary to treat this way for three days.
  2. Infusion of onion from a long timeused for the expulsion of pinworms and ascarids. To make it simply, for this, take a bulb of medium size, chop it and pour one glass of boiling water, you need to insist twelve hours and strain it. Take half a glass a day. Treat for 4 days.
  3. Infusion of herb wormwood grass: take a teaspoon of herbs and pour two cups of boiling water. Wait for it to cool and strain. Take recommended two tablespoons three times a day for half an hour before meals.
  4. Decoction of flowers tansy ordinary: 0.5l. boiling water, pour one tablespoon of flowers, boil for 15 minutes and strain. From the prepared broth to do enemas once a day, it is necessary to delay five minutes. Children do not use such a decoction!
  5. Very effective for the expulsion of pinworms and ascarids of the enema from the wormwood sour cream.
  6. During the week it is recommended to do enemas frommilk with garlic. In a glass of milk, cook the head of garlic. Cook until the garlic is soft. After that, strain the milk, cool and make an enema out of it, you need to leave such an enema for the whole night. For an adult you need a whole glass, and for a child it is enough for half a glass or slightly less than half.
  7. To small children it is difficult to do enemas, they are notcan hold them. In this case, you can apply a simple ancient method: tie to the rear passage cottage cheese or a piece of rotten meat. Long wait is not necessary - worms will come out, scenting the bait. Very simple, but it works without fail.

How to get rid of worms I suggested to you, and how to apply -determine yourself, it depends on your capabilities. Just do not delay with the "ritual of exile", especially attentively to the children. The consequences of visiting worms are very deplorable.