Magnesia relieves swelling

Stimulation of ovulation
Girls hello! :) Today on uzi was Oh, there is a yellow body 25 mm :) Hooray! Ovarium helped :)

ECO in Ukraine
Malashka, I sew, of course. It happens that the pipe is difficult to remove, so it is at the entrance to the uterus inact.

Thrombophilia and pregnancy
erotik Hold on !!! Do not lower your hands !! Genetics do not to.

Very contagious relay race
Well, girls, it's also my time to pass the girls' baton. I give it a little earlier, tk.

Work and Pregnancy
Girls are all hello. I had an unpleasant thing at work, it's disgusting. I'm taking it now.

Is it legal to sign the contract 16-year-old child?
Girls, with the knowledge of law help! Tell me, is it lawful to sign the contract 16-year-old child.

15 or 17 dpi
First I passed the hgh, then I did the test. Хгч 471

17 DPOs and 18 DPOs
It seems that the tests have dynamics. On hCG tomorrow. How to live 7 more days before the uzi and the doctor. straight already out.

9 DPO. Are you girls too? From the beginning there was nothing, and after about 3 minutes something appeared.

Premature detachment of the placenta
There is hardly a woman who does not dream about making pregnancy easy and peaceful, and.

Sport from birth - health for many years!
When friends ask me what to give to a young mother and newborn, I usually advise kache.

I don `t want? March into the kitchen!
We tastily feed our men, preparing their favorite dishes, hearty, nutritious, very tasty. And the village.