Edema after ozonotherapy

Currently, specialists in the field of medicineand cosmetology actively introduce the ozone therapy method into practice. It allows you to successfully combat various diseases, eliminate aesthetic defects and age-related skin changes. The antiseptic effect of ozone was known as early as the beginning of the last century, but large-scale studies of its effect on biological tissues unfolded in the 1970s. The basis of the effectiveness of this technique is the high oxidative activity of ozone, more precisely, the ozone-oxygen mixture, which is injected into the body through subcutaneous, intravenous, intradermal and intraarticular injections.

The mixture inhibits the activity of pathogenicmicrobes, stimulates immunity, removes signs of inflammation, serves as an excellent prophylaxis of skin aging. The high effectiveness of the technique in combating such viral diseases as herpes, cytomegalovirus and papillomavirus infections, which become the causes of inflammation of the organs of the genitourinary system - adnexitis, urethritis, is proved. Ozone has a softer effect compared to antibiotics, since it destroys viruses and pathogenic bacteria without disturbing the balance of the natural microflora.

Anti-inflammatory and wound-healing propertiesozone-oxygen mixture are widely used in the elimination of foci of fungal and purulent infection, the treatment of burns, bedsores, ulcerative skin lesions. It has a beneficial effect on the aching joints, helps fight the pathologies of the respiratory and digestive system - bronchial asthma, gastritis, ulcer. Ozone therapy solves cosmetology problems - improves blood microcirculation, which helps burning subcutaneous fat, eliminates the second chin and cellulite, restores normal water exchange, removing swelling and bags under the eyes.

A persistent positive result is successfulachieve in the fight against small wrinkles, blackheads, stretch marks, scars and other elements of the post-acne. vascular asterisks, pimples. Ozone can stop excessive hair loss. It is also advisable to combine ozonotherapy with other cosmetic techniques. This makes it possible to increase their effectiveness. The number and duration of therapeutic sessions depend on the nature of the pathology and are determined by the physician. In some cases, to fix the result obtained, repeated courses are shown.

Like most invasive injection techniquesOzone-oxygen mixtures have a number of contraindications. The procedure is not recommended for allergies to ozone, severe intoxication of the body, hyperthyroidism, after hemorrhagic stroke. Ozone to some extent suppresses the coagulation process, so its effect is contraindicated in blood disorders associated with impaired coagulation, such as thrombocytopenia, as well as during menstruation and any other bleeding. For the duration of therapy should stop taking anticoagulant medication.