Edema with chondrosis

Chondrosis of the spine is a serious disease,which is accompanied by acute pain. It proceeds as follows: the intervertebral discs and tissues of the spine, which are nearby, are initially affected. Losing its elasticity, the disc, in turn, flattened. This leads to a decrease in the distance between the vertebrae, in this condition the nerve roots are clamped. At this stage, there is a lot of pain. In the center of the clump of clamped nerves there are swelling, which causes even greater pain and deterioration of health.

Doctors say that most of the population50 years old suffers from diseases of the spine, which means that treatment of cervical chondrosis at this age is required for almost everyone. However, the first signs manifest themselves in about 35-40 years. Virtually all internal organs and muscles are involved in the pathological process of the disease. Thus, with cervical disease, dizziness, visual impairment, tinnitus, headaches are often observed in patients.

Especially often chondrosis is observed in humans,which have problems with metabolism, hormonal failures and with vascular disorders, because these diseases are the cause of disruption of feeding of the discs between the vertebrae.

Necessarily, at the first sign of illnessit is necessary to see a doctor, otherwise, it will lead to an intervertebral hernia. The process is as follows: the condensed edges will eventually begin to move beyond the spinal column, from this the neurovascular bundle of the spinal cord will be traumatized. How to treat cervical chondrosis with folk remedies?

Before talking about how to treat chondrosis of the cervical spine, I think it necessary to mention the prevention of the disease.

Experts advise to lead an active lifestyle,do exercises to treat cervical chondrosis. You always need to watch your posture, even sitting in the chair. The position of the body should be periodically changed so that there are no heavy loads on the spine. Pay special attention to nutrition. Sleep best on a hard mattress, so as not to allow unnecessary warm-up of the discs and excessive mobility.

However, all these are only additional, but necessary conditions for recovery. The main treatment of folk remedies of cervical chondrosis is therapeutic gymnastics with cervical chondrosis and proper posture:

Sit comfortably on a chair with a backrest, tiltforward your head, cross your fingers, put on your forehead, slightly counteract them with your head with slight pressure. Then you need to consistently press your fingers on the back of the head and whiskey. Hands counteract the pressure of the head, and the head - the pressure of the hands. Counter the reaction to each side for 10 seconds.

The tips of four fingers put a friend againstfriend on the forehead and lightly press the skin with your entire palm. In this case stretch it with soft traction movements for 10 - 30 seconds. Do the same stretching on the temple in the transverse and longitudinal directions. Stretch the skin on the ear in all directions, especially the lobe. By this, you massage acupuncture points, improve local blood circulation, which speeds up the treatment of cervical chondrosis at home.

Tilting back

Turns with slopes noticeably improve nutritionbrain, as well as blood flow in the jugular veins. Sit so that your back is straight. Take your head back slowly, with your hand on your chin in the direction up and back. You can also turn your head slightly to the right and left. Stay in this position from 10 seconds to a minute. Children have enough and 10 seconds.

Stretching well affects the work of the cervicalthe plexus. To begin with, sit flat, straighten your back. Humbly bend your head forward and try to touch your chest with your chin. Then, connect hands and put them on the back of the head to push them up and forward when the head goes back to its original position. Exercise time is about a minute. Repeat the exercise - after 15 minutes.

Stand up straight, then start lifting your shouldersup, trying to get this to your ears. Lower your hands a little faster, spending 15 seconds on all movements. After a little rest, do the same thing, only lifting the shoulders in turn. In the end, rub the cervical vertebrae with the palms.

Such a special exercise therapy for cervical chondrosis will allow you to improve your condition, but this does not relieve you from visiting a doctor who can control your condition.

We also offer to complement your home treatment with phytotherapy and also use effective folk remedies for the treatment of cervical chondrosis:

* With a liter of water for 8 hours, pour 4 grams of a melted celery root. Strain, draining through the marlechka. Eat 1 tsp. three times a day.

* Combine 30 parts of vegetable oil and one part of the powder of banyam, mix, rub the sore spot, apply a compress paper, and tie a warm handkerchief on top.

Use these folk methods of treating cervical chondrosis in a complex and you will quickly achieve improvement in your condition!