Edema from cigarettes

Many believe that cigarette allergies are notit happens. But this is not so. The results of numerous studies have shown that cigarettes are the cause of allergies. Especially it affects people with asthma who smoke or are close to a smoker.

Allergies to cigarettes very dangerous. It can cause the occurrence of serious diseases, such as damage to thyroid functions, cardiovascular diseases, asthma. This is another reason to quit or not to start smoking at all. Especially if you already have health problems.

Allergy to cigarettes: what actually causes allergies. Allergy, as you know, can be onhigh-grade protein. It turns out that the allergy to cigarettes is also caused by protein. These are small particles consisting of proteins, which the body can mistakenly take as viruses or microbes. Smoke from cigarettes consists of particles of ash of various pitches. But the smoke itself does not cause allergies, because it does not contain protein. Of course, the smoke is not safe. Its particles can cause various ailments, for example asthma. But there is no direct confirmation that he is the causative agent of allergy. Just smoke is an additional burden on the body and the immune system, and therefore causes complications. For example, a piece of wool can be an allergen, but it does not cause an acute reaction, and if a person inhales the tobacco smoke, then the body can not cope with the allergy. Therefore, such asthma is much more dangerous if you add tobacco smoke to it. This in some cases can lead to fatal consequences.

Symptoms and measures to prevent allergies to cigarettes. Symptoms of allergies to cigarettes may becoughing, sneezing or rash. Allergies can also cause complications. For example, bronchitis or sinusitis. Another serious symptom of cigarette allergy is swelling. Edema can be in the neck, in the mouth and other parts of both the face and the head as a whole. This can lead to anaphylaxis, which is the most severe sign of any allergy. In such cases, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

If you have determined that you still haveallergy to cigarettes, then you need to avoid the place of congestion of smokers and be sure to quit smoking. There is one illogical, but sometimes effective way to get rid of allergies to cigarettes. You just need to switch to another brand of cigarettes. This means that you are allergic to additives in cigarettes, and not to tobacco itself.

If you know that you are allergic tocigarettes, but you are not going to refuse smoking, then you should go to an allergist and consult about the use of antihistamines (for example, it may be Erius, Zirtek, etc.).

If you do not smoke, but you have intolerancetobacco smoke, then in places where there are smokers (you can not avoid them anyway), you need to wear a face mask or gauze bandage so as not to inhale this poison.

Even if after this allergy symptoms are notpass, you need to see a doctor immediately. Perhaps you misinterpreted my state. You may have thyroid disease or swelling of lymph nodes in the larynx. It also causes swelling of the neck. And maybe, against the background of smoking, you have a suffocating cough, because it develops bronchitis or pneumonia (if you suddenly catch a cold). After all, smoking suppresses immunity and does not allow the body to cope with the infection. Or (once you have weakened immunity due to smoking), you started another allergy, for example, for spring flowering.

In any case, the state of health must be taken very seriously and respond to any change in the body.

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