Swelling near the ankles

Hello, Doctor. Here already 3 weeks disturb the strongest swelling of feet and ankles of feet. Appeared 3 weeks ago for no reason. And so they stayed. 5 years exactly did not hurt at all. I did not take any medication, respectively. For prophylaxis once a year I took tests and passed different uzi, everything was normal. A week ago, when the pain became very palpable and the edema increased almost threefold, I went to see a local doctor-therapist. We examined everything we could: blood biochemistry, analysis for rheumatoid arthritis, blood for hemoglobin, glucose. cholesterol, uzi heart, urinary bladder, abdominal cavity, thyroid gland, kidney, everything is just perfect, even in space, send it. Doctors raise their hands. We wanted to put it in the hospital urgently, but I wrote a refusal, my mom is on disability, I do not move, I do not have anyone to leave at all, and care is needed for her. Therefore, while I'm on my feet, I'm not going to the hospital. The last two days it became extremely difficult to live with such edema. The skin began to hurt. Terribly stretched. And what's the most unpleasant, my fingers began to lose weight periodically, I cease to feel them for a few minutes (one or two). And the swelling does not go away at all. Even a little bit does not go away. I took furosemide 4 tablets per day, it is useless, no effect at all. Pure tea saw - also no effect. Urine leaves as usual, smooth, clean. I also drink water, as always, there is no thirst, everything is fine. Massage and legs up, does not help. The most unpleasant, appeared, as written above, insensibility of the fingers for a minute or two pereodicheski and the vessels on the side near the heel as if it were broken. Very much it is alarming to put it mildly. Since the city is small and closed, it is only possible to get an appointment with a phlebologist-doctor by appointment, which is a very long time. I myself enrolled in the ultrasound of the vessels of the lower limbs, but only the next Wednesday. It remains to survive the holidays. That's just what it's all about, I do not know. The situation is worse every day. Question: can one say from a photograph whether swelling is associated with vein disease and WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW, so that the swelling at least a little bit asleep? Help. please advice. Sincerely, Ekaterina

Hello, Catherine! Probably, the problem is not in the venous system, but in the lymphatic one - the outflow of lymphatic fluid has worsened, there was edema, characteristic for lymphostasis. We need to look for the cause, and most importantly, in time to begin treatment, which is aimed at improving the outflow of lymph and preventing the formation of lymphedema (elephantiasis). Independently, you can use an elastic bandage every day from the base of the toes to the knee. If there is a possibility, contact a doctor-lymphologist, in our clinic there is a specialized department for patients with lymphostasis, where treatment with a set of compression techniques is performed. We will definitely try to help you. Waiting for you!

Thank you for your detailed response and practical advice. Thank you!