Cowberry removes swelling

Can be pregnant. Easy to use. Good effect.

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About six years ago I had a cystitis. I had to visit a doctor, he prescribed me good medicines, and recommended drinking decoction from the leaves of cowberry.

At first I reacted to his advice with a negative, but bought the leaves of cranberries. Broth brewed, drank as a doctor appointed. The effect was immediate.
First, it is a mild diuretic, more often you run to the toilet.

Second, anti-inflammatory.
And the third, a cosmetic effect appeared - the swelling under the eyes disappeared. Since then, I sometimes drink this broth - with the slightest suspicion of cystitis and as a remedy for swelling.

It tastes good enough. Now they are selling in a pharmacy in a convenient package - in bags.
During pregnancy, my doctor also prescribed a decoction of cowberry with swelling on his legs. Well helped. Pregnant women, drink do not be afraid.
Cowberry leaves are an excellent natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.
Kitten brewed her. He had urolithiasis. Also helped.

Overall Impression. Removes edema and treats inflammation. Can pregnant women and cats.