Swelling in rats

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pulmonary edema in a rat

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Posted on August 21, 2010 - 2:26 pm

Hello!The veterinarian put my rat diagnosis-pulmonary edema. since I myself do not understand medicine at all, I just trust the veterinarian, but in 2 days no improvement, and it almost gets worse. at home we put my rat in the cage or hold it in my hands, the vet said it was kept warm, and 2 times a day we take it to the hospital for injections (I can not do it myself). injections such: dexamethasone-0.02 (1 time per day); furosemide 0.1 (2 p / d); mexidant -0.1 (1 p / d); bytril - 0,1 (1 р / д); eufilin - 0.1 (2 p / d). Whether correctly the doctor does or makes nyxes?
and another question. he very poorly eats and practically does not drink, tk. breathes very hard with the mouth. how can it be fed and watered?
Help please, my rat is only 7 months old, I'm very much afraid that he will die.

# 2 pingvivus