Edema and Garlic

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Garlic and Pregnancy
Reduction of complications with pregnancy is possible with the help of garlic!
New research shows that taking garlicduring pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature birth (increase in blood pressure and protein content in the urine). Experiments show that garlic can help to increase the weight of a newborn baby, who was predicted to be very lightweight. The studies were conducted by Dr. D Socorna, Mrs. J. Hirani and Dr. I. Das at the Academic Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Chelsea Hospital and Westminster in London, WB.
They conclude that although premature birth andincreasing delays are complex multifactorial conditions, taking standardized garlic tablets (for details, please contact us) during pregnancy, may increase the chances of overcoming these kinds of birth-related difficulties. They focused on delayed growth in children and premature birth, potentially dangerous conditions for the mother and newborns, which occur in about one out of ten cases. Experiments conducted by a group of researchers showed that adding a garlic extract to the placenta cells of women suffering from these difficulties made it possible to quickly stimulate fetal growth. In addition, the activity of key enzymes, which decreased in a complex pregnancy, were significantly increased when garlic was added.
Can I get pregnant. to use spices?
There are few people who cook food, do not add any spices to it. What is the role of seasonings? Adding flavor and improving taste. In other words - the excitation of appetite.

Of course, at the very beginning of pregnancy, manywomen suffer from toxicosis, which manifests itself with nausea. Here, too, I do not want to think about food, not just about spices. But this period passes - and the woman again has an appetite. In the first half of pregnancy, nutritionists, as a rule, do not restrict pregnant women in food - the main thing is that the food should be fully-fledged. But in the second half there are some limitations. Unfortunately, at this time, not only the baby in the stomach, but also the appetite, is growing intensively. And with him appear extra pounds, which adversely affects the course of pregnancy.

As is known, many spices are not onlyherbs that improve appetite, but also medicines. And for each drug is very important dose. Therefore, applying spices, it would be nice to know what effect this or that seasoning produces, except for improving the taste of the dish.

For example, everyone knows black pepper. It is added to the food on a par with salt. Arousing appetite, pepper also causes and thirst. And the use of a large amount of fluid will lead to excessive weight, the appearance of edema, and impaired renal function. Such a condition of obstetrician-gynecologists is assessed as a serious complication of pregnancy - gestosis.

Do not use spices that canincrease the tone of the uterus: parsley, nettle, garlic. Garlic used to be used to reduce the size of the uterus after delivery, but later it turned out that it negatively affects the taste of milk. If you can not give up garlic during pregnancy, then use it in reasonable limits: do not all dishes cook with this spice, and if you want to eat fresh garlic you should limit one tooth and not more than two to three times a week. Bay leaf, when applied in large quantities, can also excite the contractile activity of the uterus - it is on the list of folk remedies for abortion. During pregnancy, it is undesirable to take those spices that are not available for every mistress of the middle band, but can be used in the eastern kitchen. This barberry, oregano, juniper berries, licorice. Some for the excitement of appetite are added to the dishes of wormwood, but it is also undesirable in large doses during pregnancy.

When making confectionery, drinks and home canned food, ginger is sometimes used. This tool is used to remove menstrual

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It is possible, but it lowers the pressure, that's why it's spinning.

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It is possible, but if it's bad for you then do not torture yourself not the baby.