Edema in diabetics

Diabetes affects many internal organs, thisNervous, end vessels and capillaries often suffer from this insidious disease. All this can lead to serious consequences, one of which can be problems with your legs. Violations of blood circulation of the nervous or regulation can cause lower swelling of the extremities. How to deal with this and protect yourself from such situations?

self-diagnosis of having edema of the legs ofnever bothered you, you must always take your health seriously and all to listen to the words and recommendations that your doctor gives, otherwise you will not be able to avoid the consequences of unpleasant and possible complications.

Show extra about your feet, check them daily and look at them, and the first with the same suspicions of swelling, please report this to your doctor.

Symptoms that should definitely alert you:

  • pain in the legs - the cause may be fungal diseases, infections, tight shoes, bruises and sprains;
  • numbness, cold burning sensation or in the legs;
  • redness of the feet - can also occur due to the wearing of the wrong shoes or synthetic socks;
  • swelling of the legs;
  • long non-healing loss;
  • wounds of hair on the legs.

The causes of the onset of diabetes mellitus

Why can diabetes be observed swelling? There may be several reasons, however, the most basic of them is nephrotic:

  • this syndrome (most often the edema of the background on the appearing of a long developing diabetes);
  • damage to the blood vessel walls (there is no normal access to the limbs for blood).

Nerve conduction worsens, damaged andvessels are weakened, wounds heal very long, the risk of increased penetration of various infections - all this leads to the fact that they begin to appear with their feet with problems: edema, diabetic foot. Poor blood circulation can lead to an irreparable trouble - gangrene of amputation or lower limbs, so in case of after the edema of determining the causes of their appearance, it is important to assign the right therapy.

Daily care of their own about diabetics feet

Everyone with sugar needs diabetestake care of your legs and check whether there are no blisters, cuts or fresh All for you. scratches and other skin lesions in time must be treated to avoid getting into them. Only. infections for this purpose it is better to use a dioxin solution, furacilin or chlorhexidine, and not alcohol, zelenok and iodine. Doctors recommend daily massage your feet with essential oils or soothing so that they are always moistened with cream and if. soft feet constantly dry out, then the skin will begin to crack and bleed.

It is very important to be comfortable in advancetake care and comfortable shoes that will not be corns rub or crush. Socks are better than quality ones from choosing and natural materials such as cotton and wool. Wearing the right shoes will help protect your feet from swelling and will reduce the possible risk of complications.

Do not forget to wash your feet with warm water daily(about 30 degrees) with soap, after which it is necessary to carefully wipe them with a towel. dry with washing, with increased sweating, you can treat the skin of the foot with talcum powder or baby powder, and if it is dry, lubricate with greasy cream. And in order that edema of diabetes with not touched your feet, it is recommended to do a special preventive gymnastics.