Alcohol causes swelling

Edema of the brain can cause very different factors. When the brain is concussed, a small inflammatory swelling occurs, and this is manifested by headaches. Taking drugs and alcohol causes swelling "the next morning": a hangover headache is a cerebral edema. Ethanol penetrated the extravascular space of the brain and pulled water behind it - it turned out a swelling. That's why they get drunk with alcohol - so that it penetrates into the blood and draws water from the brain tissue back into the vessels. Severe cerebral edema with loss of consciousness up to coma can occur against a background of stroke, acute hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in case of shock, drop in arterial pressure, sharp and prolonged suffocation, etc. Against a background of severe craniocerebral trauma, edema of the brain is inevitable. In general, there are a lot of reasons.