Edema during menstruation

Our condolences to your menstruation

These recommendations for relaxation of the body from the book"Birth without fear" Grentley Dick-Reed, many women successfully use not only during pregnancy, but also to ease their condition on the eve of the Menstruation or during its passage. In order not to swallow anesthetics, it is better to feel weightless with your own spirit, like air, which never hurts anything.

In order to relax, it is not required at allevery time pre-strain the muscles of the body. It is enough that you understand the difference between tension and relaxation. In practical exercises, you can do the following:

  1. empty the urinary bubble so you can safely relaxmuscles of the pelvis; then stand up and stretch your whole body, deeply inhaling through the nose to the entire volume of the lungs; then exhale just as deeply, so that the shoulders are lowered and the head falls;
  2. lie with your back on a broad couch, on the floor or a hard bed,by placing a pillow under the head and on the lower part of the shoulders, place the second pillow folded into the roller, under the knees for support, so that the knees and pelvic joints are slightly bent;
  3. legs should be spread about 15-20 centimeters;hands from the body at about 20 centimeters, elbows slightly outward, palms down, fingers slightly bent; the head may be slightly turned to the side, the chin is raised;
  4. do three or four deep inspiration and exhalation, while trying,so that the muscles remain relaxed and calm. Think of your shoulders - like those thrown back, arms - like hanging from the shoulders and palms - like those lying heavily on the bed; fingers should move; there is a feeling that you are falling into the bed, drowning in it; legs freely scattered on the sides and rest on the heels; Do not move your fingers either;
  5. head and shoulders should lie on the pillow comfortably, so that the neck muscles are completely relaxed; let the eyelids hide under their own gravity;
  6. for a short moment, concentrate your attention on eachhand; make sure that the hand is not tense, that the fingers do not move; do the same with the muscles of the legs, thighs and back; especially pay attention to the back; if the muscles are relaxed, then you should feel the pressure of your body's gravity on the surface of the bed or floor;
  7. Relax your muscles face, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, especially the muscles aroundmouth; think about how your head makes a dent in the pillow; Pay attention to not blinking and not rotating the eyeballs in the eye sockets; It is necessary to feel that the muscles of the face seem to hang from the cheekbones; with the mouth opening and the jaw slightly hanging;
  8. do 2-3 Deep breaths - such that with each exhalationthe thorax and abdominal wall "fell off" under their own weight; try to breathe through your mouth in the most natural way; after each exhalation, before breathing in, hold your breath for a few seconds (or until you want to inhale again); with each subsequent exhalation, the abdominal wall should relax more and more, the tension in the pelvic region should subside - you seem to "unfold" below;
  9. let it be every exhalation of all parts of the body more and moreThey relax until they feel completely disconnected; pay attention to the sensations in the limbs - usually the feeling of gravity is replaced by a feeling of lightness and flight; there is a slight tingling in the hands; Heat spreads through the extremities;
  10. there comes a pleasant half-demented state (as in the case of solarbaths), and every attempt to think should immediately and purposefully be translated into a dreamy dream; in this state it is necessary to stay about half an hour;
  11. get up slowly ; take 2-3 deep breaths, bend your legs and arms a couple of times, and only then slowly sit down; Before you get up, it's good to take another 2-3 deep breaths; then stretch again.

Acupressure will help relieve muscle tension in the pelvic region and improveblood supply of tissues. Systematically carried out massage also contributes to the improvement of the endocrine system. To perform acupressure should be within a week before the start of menstruation, for a greater effect it should be done 2-3 times a day.

Where to click - Where to click

  1. The points Sp 12 ("bearing door") and Sp 13 ("mansion"). Symmetrical points are in the pelvic region in the cavity formed when the lower extremities are bent. Relieve pain during menstruation.
  2. Points B 27, B 28, B 29, B 30, B 31, B 32, B 33, B 34(sacral points). The points are located at the base of the spine in the coccyx region. Helps with pain in the lower back, relieve pain and tension during menstruation.
  3. Point B 48 ("womb and vital organs"). The symmetrical point is approximately two fingers to the left and to the right of the sacrum between the base of the buttocks and the upper part of the hip bone.
  4. Point CV 6 ("sea of ​​energy"). An asymmetric point, located two fingers below the navel. Massage of this point is performed with constipation, irregular menstrual cycle, painful menstruation.
  5. Point CV 4 ("the origin of the gate"). The asymmetrical point is 4 fingers below the navel. It is used for problems of the genitourinary system, irregularity of the menstrual cycle, relieves painful sensations.
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    intersection of three units - intersection of three units

    Point Sp
    6 ("intersection of three units"). Symmetrical point, located 4 fingers above the inner part of the talus, near the back of the tibia. Removes edema and pain in menstruation.
  7. Point Sp 4 ("grandfather-grandson"). Symmetrical point, located on the upper side of the arch of the foot under the thumb, at a distance of 1 finger from the bone protrusion. Relieves pain, swelling, fatigue.