Rhinoplasty edema photo

The patient underwent rhinoseptoplasty. Photo before and after surgery.

The patient has a long, curved nose with a hump,who nods, falls down with a smile - the nodding tip of the nose, a wide and asymmetrical tip of the nose. The curvature of the septum of the nose and the difficulty of nasal breathing. To meet the desire of the patient, to make a smooth beautiful nose, rhinoseptoplasty was performed, complete nose and septum plastic surgery, septoplasty.
Photo before and after plastics of the nose.

Before and 1 month after rhinoplasty, the patient had a nose reduction and nasal breathing was restored.

The patient underwent rhinoseptoplasty, eliminatednose curvature, nasal breathing restored, nasal cavity removed, narrowing and shortening of nose tip and its rotation upwards. Photo before and after surgery.

How is rehabilitation after rhinoplasty?

Many people interested in the plasticity of the nose,I want to know how the recovery is after rhinoplasty, how the patient feels, how he looks, how he communicates with the plastic surgeon.

We offer to view the materials provided by the patients of the plastic surgeon Alexander Grudko.

Stories of patients about rhinoplasty: