Chamomile removes swelling

Pluses: -Inexpensive, natural, easy to use, removes swelling from the eyes, effectively

A friend came to me the other day, a family in trouble,she growled, and the glass tipped under the salted cucumber. In short - eyes a la Chinese, and two hours later go to school to the child to the meeting. How in this form do people frighten? I rushed to the pharmacy and the pharmacist advised the flowers of chamomile. We have 36 rubles. There are 20 filter bags in the package.

The truth in the instructions for use, there is not a word about swelling in front of my eyes, but I believed the pharmacist.

Brewed according to the specified recipe. Four filter-package for a glass of boiling water, insists 15 minutes. it turns out something like the type of green tea by color. taste did not try, we did not drink.))

Once the packets have been stuck, wring out andput on each eye on a bag, lie down for 10-15 minutes. I have never seen such a result, almost instantaneous. After 15 minutes, my friend took off the lotions, and I could not believe my eyes - because all the swelling was gone, there was a slightly wrinkled muzzle, but that's another problem. An hour later, the procedure was repeated and the incision of the eyes came back to normal. So now I will keep in mind. for any unforeseen event.