Swelling in the airplane

Basic mechanisms of elastic compression action

Compression of intermuscular venous plexuses andperforator veins leads to a significant increase in the propulsive ability of the musculo-venous pump of the lower leg and a decrease in the pathological venous "capacity" of the lower limbs
The reduction in the caliber of the subcutaneous and deep veins leads to an improvement in the functioning of the relatively inadequate valvular apparatus and an increase in the rate of venous blood flow
The increase in tissue pressure increases the resorption of extracellular fluid in the venous knee of the capillary and reduces its filtration in the arterial, which leads to regression of the edema
Increase in fibrinolytic activity of blood inthe account of a more intensive production of tissue plasminogen activator improves the rheological properties of blood (a phenomenon associated with contraction of muscles in a limited volume)
Increasing the speed of the lymph flow helps to remove excess fluid from the tissues

To drink less is bad advice. To drink (water) it is necessary more, since. dehydration occurs in the airplane. The reason is that the humidity of air at an altitude of 10 km, fed into the passenger compartment, is almost close to zero. On the average it is necessary to drink a glass of water (juice) for an hour of flight.

Thank you Natashashushechka!
That the humidity is lowered in the plane, I know.
I just think if you have problems with swelling, then you should drink less fluids, especially before going to bed. (in the usual setting).
And in the plane, the application of these pantyhose will lead only to a more rapid withdrawal of fluid from the body. Of course, this will solve the problem with swelling of the extremities, but will give a load on the kidneys.
Is it not better then, or less drink (no one will wither in 9-10 hours), or drink more, but more often get up and walk around the salon, giving a load on your feet, etc.
I know by myself, when you drink six liters of beer and go to bed, not only the three-headed face, but your feet swell.
But if you drink it in the morning, then the next morning, like a cucumber. You just walk a lot and the fluid is removed from the body without causing edema.

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