Delayed urine swelling

Discontinuation of urine in the urinary bladderdepends on various factors. Causes may be a blockage of the ureter with a stone or tumor, large blood loss or fever. The retention of urine causes stretching of the walls of the bladder and severe pain in the lower abdomen, which can irradiate into the internal organs.

With a delay in urine, there is a general severeCondition: nausea, vomiting, headache, cramps, swelling, diarrhea and skin irritation. There may be swelling, confusion, and other symptoms of uric acid poisoning.

Especially often, urinary retention occurs in elderly and senile men with prostate adenoma.

If the patient firmly knows that he has an adenoma and an acute delay in urine, it must be urgently delivered to any medical institution for catheterization or surgical intervention.

If urinary retention is caused by a spasm of the ureters, then there are several ways to relieve this spasm.

The patient is put a warm water bottle on his stomach andthe perineum, create the sound of dropping water (to enhance the reflex action), put the candles with the belladonna and the cleansing enema. All these measures are temporary and necessary in order to gain time and deliver the patient to the hospital.

Urine retention in young people can occur due to overstretching because of the inability (or shyness) to go on time to the toilet.
All diuretic drugs facilitateurine output from the body. These include: infusion of black currant leaves, juice of celery roots, infusion of parsley grass in milk, juice and infusion of roots of horse radish, broth of elderberry, decoction of juniper berries, decoction of the bladder of some animal, infusions and decoctions of cloudberry berries and many others medicinal herbs and plants.