Swelling after sunburn

Swelling of the face after sunburn is the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous fatty tissue due to the violation of water-salt metabolism and the inability of the excretory system to cope with the evacuation of the fluid in a timely manner.
As a rule, the swelling of the face after the sun is localizedin the forehead, nose, eyes (they can not be widely opened), sometimes - only one eye or half of the face swells up. It depends on what part of the person has received an excessive dose of ultraviolet.

There are two reasons that the face swelled after sunburn: an allergy to ultraviolet or cosmetic products to protect the body from the sun, or a sunburn.
In case of allergy, dense, immobile swellingsuddenly for no apparent reason, grow under the eyes, on the cheeks, lips, mucous lips, tongue, their frequent companions - itching and rash. If the pallor of the skin is observed, the presence of cold sweat, suffocation, loss of consciousness, then the victim needs to call an ambulance, since the development of a deadly angioedema can not be ruled out.
In the absence of danger to life, the patient should drink an antihistamine drug (Zirtek, Tavegil, Suprastin, etc.) and seek medical help.

Sunburn. as well as the thermal damage of any other origin, leads to the accumulation of fluid in the surrounding tissues. It breaks the microcirculation of blood and lymph, the body increases the permeability of capillaries, the fluid exits them into the intercellular space, forming edemas.
For the same reasons, the face swells after a tanning bed. if you overdo with finding under ultraviolet rays, and the duration of a safe tan is in any case individual. Often these swelling first appear on the forehead, then descend to the bridge of the nose, then - on the upper and lower eyelids. They are extremely painful, can be accompanied by itching, burning, flushing and only after 5-7 days.

What should I do if my face swells after sunburn?

First of all, you should go into the room tointerrupt the effect on the skin of ultraviolet. Then you need to take an anesthetic such as Ibuprofen or Pentalgin and an antihistamine. Pharmacies also sell ready-made masks for the removal of edema.
Doctors recommend in cases of sunburn, accompanied by swelling, use a product based on panthenol, for example, Bepanten, Depanthenol, Panthenol.

You can remove face swelling after sunburn with the help of folk remedies.
Well help from the edemas mask from potatoes. You can grate it raw, like a potatoes or cook and mash, adding sour cream to it.
An excellent anti-edematous effect is also provided by a mask from a pumpkin. leaf or root parsley, cucumber, lotions of black and green tea.
Recipes for facial masks from swelling.
If the puffiness does not decrease the next day, you should seek medical help.

To protect yourself from sunburn and associated edema, simple safety precautions should be followed when sunbathing.
Do not stay in direct sunlight duringthe time of the greatest activity of the luminary, namely, from 12 to 16 hours of the day. When taking sunbathing, observe the principle of gradualness, cautiously, day by day, increasing the duration of sunburn. Do not neglect sunscreen. On the beach and in the solarium try to move, and not be in the same position, so the sunburn falls more evenly and there is less risk of getting burns.