Sugar and swelling

Often, diabetes mellitus affects the legs. Therefore, in the treatment it is important to eliminate the causes of the lesion. If you are confronted with a leg injury with diabetes, consider that therapeutic therapy should be effective in relation to the operation of the vessels. If the sugar content in the body is excessive, then most likely, large and small vessels of the lower extremities will collapse. As a result, there can be observed such clinical manifestations as pain in the legs, a feeling of numbness. By promoting a decrease in the level of sugar, it is possible to warn this complication. However, if the diabetes has already started to affect the legs, it is necessary to direct the action to relieve the condition.

Treating feet with diabetes is important to start aspossible ahead of time. First of all, the body needs more insulin for proper operation because of inflammatory processes, which are often accompanied by an increase in body temperature. In this case, it is not necessary to increase the dose of insulin independently without consulting a doctor. The specialists of the medical institution will conduct the necessary tests, according to the results of which you will be given additional recommendations. Passing the examination, you can pass the diagnosis of sexual infections.

Edema of the feet with diabetes is frequentcomplication of the disease. They can not be influenced by diet and drugs that lower blood sugar. First of all, the doctor will prescribe you insulin therapy. It will help reduce blood sugar. To edema should be treated carefully, because in the early stages of excess fluid may be unnoticeable. When swelling becomes noticeable, you should be alert.

The course of treatment includes antibacterial therapy. It provides an opportunity to protect the body from microorganisms that, on the surface of the legs, can cause inflammation.

For this purpose, the following preparations can be used:

  • antibiotics of the cephalosporin group;
  • lincomycin;
  • erythromycin;
  • oxacillin.

If you have wounds on the foot, theirit is necessary to periodically treat and remove dead tissue areas. To improve their healing, it is better to create maximum peace for the feet. Treatment of feet in diabetes should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

Recently, swelling of the legs with diabetes mellitustreat ephedrine. The drug contributes to the rapid onset of improvements. Each patient needs to look closely at his feet. Passing routine examinations, it is possible to pass uzi of the abdominal cavity organs.