What provokes swelling

Many women face the puffiness problemfeet. This is especially true in the summer. The phenomenon is very unpleasant, in the puffiness zone there is pain and burning, and the appearance of swollen feet is not very aesthetic. What should I do if my legs swell? First of all, deal with the causes that cause the problem.

The Female Site You-Pretty.net will tell your readers today the causes of edema of the legs and how to relieve leg swelling. Be beautiful and healthy! So…

1. Wrong way of life. You move little, sit a lot, especially onsoft low furniture? Do you like to sit cross-legged? As a result, stagnation of blood and lymph arises, there is swelling. The problem can be actual not only in hot weather.

2. Wrong shoes. The outflow of lymph and blood is mainly due to the reduction of gastrocnemius muscle. When walking on high heels, this muscle is practically not working, which provokes swelling.

3. Too much stress on the legs. Edema often occurs in women who spend most of their time on their feet.

4. Illness. Leg edema can be a consequence of kidney diseaseand cardiovascular system, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, thrombosis, flatfoot. Edema of the ankle zone often occurs in people with heart failure. If there are no congenital pathologies, edema caused by problems with the heart, usually characteristic of older women. In young people, puffiness is most often provoked by vascular disease. In this context, a large "contribution" to the occurrence of puffiness is made by smoking.

5. Pregnancy, usually in the early stages.

How to relieve leg swelling

Having established the causes of edema of the legs, puffiness must be eliminated. If it's a matter of sickness, it is better to see a doctor right away.. self-medication does not hurt yourself even more. In other cases, you can help yourself on your own.

Effective removal of swelling of the legs can be done by the following procedures:

1. Cold bath or compress on the swollen zone.

2. Tray with decongestants. Also try to take diuretics, for example, cloudberry berries.

3. Gymnastics. This can be a special set of exercisesfor feet, or some simple exercises. Lie on your back, raise your legs at right angles to your body and shake them for a few minutes. Then, without changing the situation, make a "bicycle", "scissors".

4. Sometimes, to remove leg swelling, it is enough to take off your shoes or rest your legs. It is best to lie down for 15-20 minutes, placing a small cushion or pillow under your feet.

Depending on what the causes of edema of the legs are found, the following can be recommended as a means of preventing the appearance of puffiness.

1. During the day, try, whenever possible, change the usual mode. If you have to stand or walk a lot -Use even minute breaks to sit down, giving your feet the necessary rest. If you sit a lot - make compulsory small walks after every hour of work.

2. Try not to wear tight shoes. as well as high-heeled shoes. especially in summer.

3. Avoid edema will help stockings or tights from special compression jersey. Only this is not an option, but a means for short-term assistance to oneself.

4. Work on the development of muscle tone of your legs. Very good prevention of puffiness is water aerobics, bicycle, running, tennis. Power sports are contraindicated.

5. After a work day, massage your feet. In this case, special oils or decongestants can be used.

6. During the day try eat foods with a minimum amount of salt. and less liquid, especially sweet carbonated drinks.

If puffiness occurs regularly and nopreventive and curative measures do not help, you need to see a doctor, since there is a high probability that the swelling is caused by some latent disease.