Kanefron edema reviews

Your body changes every day, lookbecomes deeper and more mysterious, and you yourself feel more responsible. And all this "tricks" of the beautiful period in the life of the fairer sex - pregnancy. As we have said many times, your immunity at this time is significantly reduced. Therefore, its strengthening and the fight against various infections depends mainly on external factors. The body has a baby, he has no time. So your health is entirely on you.

Increased blood volume makes the heartwork twice as intensively. Another body that is overloaded all 9 months is the kidneys. They have to purify the blood and remove all unnecessary (metabolic products, infections) from the body. And if you do not have the frets, then most likely the doctor will prescribe a drug like Kanefron during pregnancy, as one of the safest diuretics.

The first thing you should know, Kanefron is completely a herbal preparation, that's why doctors recommend it to pregnant women. It includes such herbs as a thousand-square-centimeter, rosemary and lovage.

Arable land stimulates appetite and prepares the walls of the stomach for a comfortable digestion of food, soothes the nervous system, relieves pain in the gallbladder, is effective in cholelithiasis.

Rosemary has cholagogue and tonic properties. As well as a centiple weight, improves digestion. For a short time, he lifts blood pressure. Good increases blood circulation.

Lovestock famous for its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, good for peristalsis of the intestines (relieves constipation) and removes swelling during pregnancy and not only.

In the aggregate, all these three grasses are positiveaffect the pregnant woman with such diseases as gestosis, cystitis. pyelonephritis and prevents various pathologies of the kidneys themselves. Kanefron during pregnancy does not allow the urine to stagnate inside the bladder, which eliminates the additional strain on the walls of the latter.

In spite of the fact that Kanefron is herbaldrug, prescribe it yourself can not. Yes! Herbs are treated, but only in the right dosages. If to overdo it, their effect can be fatal and even fatal.

Release and dosage of Kanefron during pregnancy

This drug releases in the form of drops ortablets. The daily dose of Kanefron for pregnant women in a tablet form is 1 capsule 2 times a day. With regard to drops, then 50 twice a day.

Kanefron is contraindicated only to those pregnant women who have an individual intolerance to any component of the drug itself.

In other cases, almost all pregnant womenthere is a positive dynamics: pain in the sacrum leaves during pregnancy. the mood improves, the digestion system works better, due to the diuretic effect, signs of cystitis are removed and edema passes, the kidneys begin to work more harmoniously.

The advantage of Kanefron during pregnancy is alsothat he is absolutely safe for the fetus, as well as for the newborn baby. Therefore, this medicine can be taken for a long time, as well as with lactation. Side effects when it is taken is not revealed (if the dosage prescribed by the doctor was strictly observed).

If you are prescribed antibiotics, the duration of their intake will be significantly reduced, because during the pregnancy, Kanefron increases their positive effect in half.

It is not an allergenic drug, so most allergy sufferers can take it.

In general, we want to tell you that Kanefron during pregnancy is completely safe. So if you were appointed to it, then definitely drink the whole course you need.

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