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Waiting for the baby brings a lot of joy to the futuremother. But there are cases when it is full to feel this happiness and to become pregnant does not give to the woman its organism. It's about endometrial - an important hormone-sensitive tissue of the uterus. It is the endometrium that becomes the site of the introduction of crumbs, here the embryo grows and develops.

Endometrium in normal state supportedhormone estrogen, the main function of which is to prepare the inner mucous membrane of the uterus for the adoption of a fertilized egg. If the endometrium is too thin, then the egg can not "attach" to the uterus - and pregnancy does not occur. This phenomenon doctors call hypoplasia and detect with ultrasound. Fortunately, hypoplasia is not a verdict: the thickness of the endometrium can be increased with the help of drugs that fill the hormone deficiency of estrogens.

One such medication is the Divigel. Its main active ingredient is synthetic estradiol, identical in biological and chemical properties to the natural female hormone. Estradiol is responsible for the development and functioning of female genital organs and mammary glands, the regularity of the menstrual cycle, the synthesis of certain proteins, the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, the normal functioning of the organs of the cardiovascular system.

When planning pregnancy, doctors appoint"Divigel" only in the case if a thin endometrium is diagnosed. After all, if a woman is found to have hypoplasia, a fertilized egg can not attach to the uterus. With an endometrium thickness of less than 5 mm, the probability of becoming pregnant is only 1%.

The endometrium "thickens" under the influence of femalehormones of estrogens. They are produced by follicles at the end of the early follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. If the level of estrogen in the body increases, then the endometrium grows. But in some cases, the maturation of the dominant follicle is disturbed and this becomes a prerequisite for hypoplasia. Endometrium simply nowhere to take.

To stimulate the growth of the endometrium, doctorsprescribe the use of an artificial analogue of the hormone estrogen. "Divigel" increases the amount of estrogens, which in turn leads to a thickening of the endometrium. Also, the "Divigel" stimulates the development of the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, ducts of the mammary glands, promotes active growth and closure of the epiphyses of long tubular bones. The drug raises the level of concentration in the blood of iron, copper, thyroxine, high-density lipoproteins, reduces the amount of cholesterol.

This drug can be taken only if doctors diagnose you have hypoplasia. Do not self-medicate and do not take "Divigel" without consulting and doctor's advice.

How does the Divigel work when planning a pregnancy?

"Divigel" is available in the form of a gel and is prescribedonce a day at the same time. The drug in a small amount is applied to the clean skin of the lower part of the anterior abdominal wall, to the shoulders, forearms, waist or buttocks. The gel is quickly absorbed for 1-2 minutes. But this area of ​​skin can be moistened with water not earlier than in an hour or two. After the procedure, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands.

Do not experiment with doses of gel: depending on the symptoms, they are prescribed only by a doctor. Do not apply gel on the face, mammary glands, genital mucosa and irritated skin areas. If, for some reason, you did not apply the gel within 12 hours, the procedure should be carried out the next day. If 12 hours have not passed, rub the gel into the skin as soon as possible. Frequent missed "sessions" of the "Divigel" can cause uterine bleeding.

"Divigel" begins to act very quickly. Part of the drug through the skin enters the bloodstream, part is gradually released from the subcutaneous tissue. The effect of the gel can be enhanced if you take medications containing thyroid hormones and folic acid. It is also good "Divigel" is absorbed in combination with analgesics, barbiturates, anesthetics, preparations with St. John's Wort extract. But phenylbutazone and some types of antibiotics reduce the intensity of the effect of the gel.

In addition to the quick effect, the "Divigel" has manycontraindications. Do not risk and experiment, do self-medication, because it can lead to a negative outcome. Do not take this medication if you:

  1. mammary cancer;
  2. a pituitary tumor;
  3. benign and malignant tumors of the genital organs;
  4. inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system (endometritis, salpingitis, oophoritis);
  5. diabetes ;
  6. uterine bleeding;
  7. propensity to thrombosis;
  8. endometrial hyperplasia;
  9. violations of lipid metabolism;
  10. acute and chronic liver disease;
  11. severe circulatory disorders in the brain (strokes);
  12. hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  13. pregnancy;
  14. lactation period.

Extremely cautiously apply gel at a bronchialasthma, epilepsy, migraine, arterial hypertension, edematous syndrome, as well as with cardiac, hepatic and renal insufficiency. Use the "Divigel" is possible only after this drug is prescribed to you by a doctor. Self-medication or inappropriate treatment can lead to complications.

With proper treatment, the drug rarely leads to side effects. But it should be borne in mind that the "Divigel" is a hormonal remedy, and therefore certain changes in the body can not be avoided.

In some cases, when receiving a "Divigel"patients may complain of headaches, unscheduled vaginal bleeding, nausea. The woman swells up the mammary glands, increases body weight, raises blood pressure, develops a rash, irritation and dermatitis of the skin at the place where the gel is rubbed. Treatment with the drug can cause thrombophlebitis, dizziness. depression.

Sometimes there is vomiting, flatulence, stomachcolic. Worse, when the patient develops cholestatic jaundice, stones are formed in the gallbladder. If you already have a tumor, the Divigel will only increase its growth. With prolonged use, calcium, sodium and water retention is possible. In this regard, and there are swelling. Also, visual disturbances, chloasma, melasma are possible.

When an overdose of the drug there is bloating, nausea, vomiting, irritability and anxiety. Also, women experience acute pain in the mammary glands and in the pelvic region.

If during the planning of pregnancy the doctor appointedyou "Divigel", carefully follow the instructions for using the drug. This gel is really capable of a miracle, but with improper and improper use can play with you a cruel joke. Therefore, take seriously all the recommendations of a gynecologist, do not self-medicate and have patience, strength and endurance. And then you must give birth to a healthy baby!

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Divigel in the planning of pregnancy: reviews