Edema Claira

01/26/2012, Evgenia34
Hope, and what "such" preparation is Janine? Normal OK from low-dose. The list of necessary examinations before the appointment of the OC does not include the delivery of tests for hormones. The fact is that the analysis does not help the doctor at all, it will not tell what drug will suit a particular woman, and the very composition of blood hormones changes hourly. Your appearance is your phenotype, better than any analysis will tell the doctor which of the drugs you better prescribe, and complement the woman's questionnaire about the regularity of the cycle, chronic diseases, etc. The only thing that is worth doing is to see a doctor, take a smear on oncocytology, a small pelvic ultrasound.
If you are on the account of an endocrinologist, this does not mean that you are contraindicated. When the problem skin needs an OK with anti-androgenic effect, which is Jeanine. Reply

27.01.2012, Hope
Eugenia, thank you very much! Reply

01/23/2012, Bunny
tell me if I can use claira withalcohol, just my time of 22 pm and sometimes this time coincides with some sort of get-togethers (especially in all these NG holidays, and how much is yet to come.) What's this cherevato? do they dissolve? Does the effect decrease? can just move the time to the day? and if you can tell me how to do it without much harm to the body. thank you very much in advance. Reply

24.01.2012, Evgenia34
Bunny, well, you get drunk as an alcoholic? A couple of glasses of wine on the background of taking OK is possible. It's just that both OK and alcohol are exposed to primary disintegration in the liver, which is still an important organ in the body, and it's not wise to test it for strength. Reply

23.01.2012, Svetlana 20
klayra my first OK, in the first month of admissionperiodically there were tingling in the chest, aching legs caviar, poured small pimples on the chest and sometimes I wanted to cry for no reason, on the 2nd everything went away, the libido did not go down, but here the pimples still do not go away (((THE MAIN MONTHLY was not, the test shows that there is no pregnancy, but somehow it's still uncomfortable.

24.01.2012, Evgenia34
Svetlana 20, what a perennial problem inabsence of monthly on the background of reception OK. Do you miss them? Do you need to lose hemoglobin every month and get carried with gaskets for good health? To survive about the absence of a menstrual-like reaction is necessary in the event that you missed some pills, and sexual acts were. And if you took everything on time, then your situation is not a reason for experiencing or replacing the drug. Well, if you really want to have these bleedings, then change the COC. Reply

01/23/2012, katerina
hello, I'm 20 and Clyde is my first OK. After the first pack a month were, but one day and very meager, now finished 2 packs and started 3y, but they never came at all. Whether it is dangerous (the tablet did not miss) is it worth to go to the doctor. Reply

24.01.2012, Evgenia34
Katerina, I answered Svetlana 20 a little higher. Read it please.
Girls, read the instructions for Clire. Well, in black and white it says that "amenorrhea is possible" when taking this drug. Amenorrhea-absence of menstruation.
If the girl does not take OK and there are no menstruation, then yes, this is certainly an excuse to call a doctor. And against the background of taking OK, if you did not miss taking pills, it's not dangerous. Reply

23.01.2012, sveta
Good afternoon!
The gynecologist has appointed or nominated klajra, after US-the diagnosiscystic formation of the right ovary.1.5 years ago drank yarin, previously assigned logest and nabinet-tablets did not come up-there was a constant daub. Jarina arranged, but there was a lowered libido (reduced desire and desire to have sex during the reception of tablets) and also began to constantly worry thrush. Yarin took on the advice of the gynecologist stopped. Now 3 day I drink Klayruh-a headache, increased appetite. I'm curious how Clyde influences the libido, whether it promotes weight gain and whether there are edemas.
To me of 28 years, to the child of 5 years, was 1 abortion

24.01.2012, Evgenia34
sveta, Clayra as well as Yarina possessesantiandrogenic effect, and therefore reduces several testosterone, which, as is known, is responsible for the libido. But this side effect is not found at all. Edema on the background can be as an individual reaction, since Clayra does not possess the antimineralocorticoid effect as Yarin and does not remove excess fluid from the body. Weight gain is not conducive to any OK, it's a myth. The woman who takes OK changes metabolism, and appetite may increase. But what to put in your mouth and how much to move-decides a woman, not a pill for her. Reply

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