Sweet Tomatoes

Tomatoes, which we used to call vegetables, onin fact - the berries of the Solanaceae family. The nearest relatives of potatoes and aubergines were brought to our country from South America, and for several centuries firmly entered the national menu. Tomatoes can be found in many dishes - soups, salads, sauces. They are also found in diets for weight loss, because 100 g of the product contain no more than 25 kcal. However, in recent years, very often began to write about the fact that their consumption as food is the cause of numerous diseases, and it is necessary to avoid tomatoes, as well as eggplant with potatoes. Let's try to figure out whether this is really so.

Tomatoes are rich in wine, oxalic, acetic andmalic acid. This allows us to consider them as a product useful for digestion. Salad from tomatoes improves the function of the stomach, and is especially well combined with fish and meat non-fat dishes. A small amount of fruit acids in the menu - an excellent prevention of intestinal infections and food poisoning, so the tomato is good as a component of the summer diet. However, the scientists found that a small amount of phytoncids is contained in the "winter" greenhouse tomatoes, provided they are correctly transported and stored, so you can include a fresh salad and on the menu during the cold weather.

However, tomatoes were not widely knownfruit acids, and lycopene. These substances belong to a wide class of antioxidants, and their high efficiency is determined by the fact that they are resistant to high temperatures. Simply put, lycopene is contained even in tomato juice of industrial production, and in canned household preparations. Classical medicine recognizes that lycopines play an important role in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, so a few tomatoes every day you do not hurt.

Several years ago, American scientists discoveredthe so-called substance P3. It is contained in the mucus "surroundings" of the tomato seed, and is able to dilute the blood. Therefore, tomatoes should be included in the diet for the prevention of thrombosis.

Among other things, 75% of waterthe fruit is a good natural diuretic, and allows you to balance the amount of fluid in the body. The main thing - do not reseed tomatoes, otherwise they will contribute to the appearance of edema.

The damage of tomatoes was "discovered" by naturopathic physicians inlate 19th century. They believed that the use of nightshade helps to increase the formation of acids in the body. As a result, a person can experience many problems from reducing immunity and joint mobility, to serious kidney and liver diseases.

This information was later confirmed, but onlywith respect to the diet of people suffering from gout. Fruit acids really have a negative effect on the course of this disease, but its "provocateur" is, rather, a diet rich in saturated animal fats, alcohol and preservatives, and not a couple of tomatoes at dinner.

An allergy to tomatoes, its symptomsresemble an easy cold. The patient swells up his throat, itches his eyes, and rashes appear on the skin. Unfortunately, this ailment is widespread, and when symptoms appear, you should immediately take an antihistamine and contact an allergist.

The remaining negative aspects are, rather,not to tomatoes, but to the way they are cooked. Pickles and marinades should never become the basis of the diet - they provoke swelling, hypertension, and digestive disorders. And increased consumption of salted and mayonnaise-flavored salads can trigger weight gain. So, eat fresh tomatoes for health, and observe moderation when composing your diet.

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