Wobenzym swelling

In various forums and blogs on the topic of medicinemuch talk about the drug Wobenzym reviews of which from some - recommend it almost from all diseases, and from others comes information that did not help at all. Let's try to understand the substance of the matter.

Vobenzym tablets are combineda drug, that is, containing not one specific active substance, but several. This trend in modern pharmacology allows you to extract from the medicine wherever possible to the maximum benefit. A set of several active substances of a similar mechanism is selected so that they maximize (potentiated) the action of each other. Reddish-orange tablets Wobenzym contain a complex of enzymes isolated from raw materials of plant and animal origin. In Latin, the word "enzyme" is pronounced "enzyme", which is reflected in the name of the drug. Without such important substances as enzymes, no metabolic processes can, in principle, proceed normally, including in our body. Under their influence many biologically positive processes in all human organs and systems are accelerated. That is why the drug Wobenzym reviews as a universal medicine. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system, increases the defenses of the body, prevents inflammatory processes in the tissues, promotes resorption of postoperative scars and adhesions, improves the rheological properties of blood, blocks excessive platelet aggregation and improves subcutaneous lymphatic drainage, removing fatigue edemas and eliminating " circles "under the eyes. In various sections of medical practice, Wobenzym tablets are used. In surgery, as a means of accelerating the healing process, in gynecology as anti-inflammatory, in therapy for people with weakened immunity, in pediatrics often sick children and for the prevention of dysbiosis in the use of antibiotics.

Especially about the drug Wobenzym reviewspositive when using it in cosmetology medicine, as the appearance improves. disappear shadows under the eyes and pastosity of the face in the syndrome of chronic stress and lack of sleep. But it should be remembered that the medication itself is not a panacea and it acts in combination with a healthy diet and regimen of the day. If you do not sleep for days and constantly remain in stress and stress, then no most miraculous drug or a means of cosmetology will help restore a blossoming look!

The drug is original and the Wobenzym tablet analogdoes not exist. At least, it is not registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. In our country there is a development of phlogenzyme, but this is not a medicine, like Wobenzym, but only a biological supplement to food.

In monotherapy Wobenzym is rarely used, inBasically, it is a part of complex therapy as a drug that contributes to the rapid healing of its unique multi-purpose therapeutic effect.

However much the Wobenzym product is,enthusiastic, it must be remembered that he, like other medicines, has contraindications to the use. For example, in allergic people, it can cause an exacerbation of the disease or bronchial asthma. This is primarily due to the fact that the medicine contains whole enzymes, and these are protein compounds that possess allergic potentiating properties. Prescribe treatment with this drug should only be a doctor in charge, who has the opportunity to carefully consider all risks and assess the possible benefits of treatment before prescribing the medicine.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the drug Wobenzym. certainly, it is very useful in practice of the doctor practically any specialty, as its application accelerates the patient's recovery.

ФЛОГЭНЗИМ - too a medical preparation, the samethe company itself, only with a slightly different composition and, accordingly, the testimony. It is more often used for injuries, in the postoperative period, in a word - the drug of accompaniment in surgery. Yes, and treat them because of a larger dose of enzymes is slightly cheaper than vobenzim.

Everything is almost correct, only Flogenzim - alsodrug, the same manufacturer, only with a slightly different composition and, accordingly, the indications. It is more often used for injuries, in the postoperative period, in a word - the drug of accompaniment in surgery. Yes, and treat them because of a larger dose of enzymes is slightly cheaper than vobenzim.

wanted to leave a review about the vobenzima. I'll start again. in October I fell ill with cystitis. They treated for 2 weeks with 5 antibiotics. then for 2 weeks with exacerbation fell into urology with acute pyelonephritis. There 1 week 3 antibiotics pricked. further 2 weeks have already been replaced with droppers with pills. as a result, a 1.5-month course of antibiotics was obtained. in the hospital fell ill with acute bronchitis + ARVI, and as a result of reduced immunity the complication is inflammation of the back muscles (myositis + dystrophy). still on gynecology the ovarian cyst in 5 sm has got out for all this time the temperature was from 37,5 to 39. and the terrible dysbacteriosis of a stomach and a vagina has developed. so from the hospital and discharged with all the sores. I could not get up at home and could not eat. I thought that a couple of weeks and die of weight loss, sores and unbearable pain. called a therapist's doctor. So she prescribed me vobenzim and injections of Derinata. for 7 days of immunomodulators. you will not believe - for a week I began to get stronger. the stomach has passed, the appetite has appeared, the temperature 37,2, orvi + a bronchitis (a terrible cough with a stuffy nose) began to pass quickly, muscles of a back have ceased to hurt, only the cyst has remained while. after a week course of vobenzim 5 tabl * 3p per day for 40min before meals. I gradually began to recover. I think that these pills and injections helped! further took the scheme of 3m * 3p per day. immunity is stronger. I just can say thank you that there are pills, a cat. Do not maim. but TREATMENT and HEALING is real. and now I do not believe that they did not help someone.

Wobenzym really for the prevention of herpes helps - without exacerbations for more than a year. As soon as there are any initial symptoms - 5 tablets on an empty stomach, drink plenty of water.

I agree with the previous comment. From myself, as from a doctor, I want to add. that Wobenzym should be taken as prescribed by the doctor, strictly observe the dosage and the course prescribed by the treating physician. Also, to avoid side effects, take Wobenzym in 40 minutes. before meals and drink plenty of water. All health, do not be ill!

Wobenzym really helped not to lie under the knifeby the female part. The question in inflammation is solved, I hope for the absence of relapse. Operations and I'm scared terribly, and will come out more. I'm holding my fists. I pray that everything for me and my family has managed. Though who knows.

I also drank with antibiotics. Only in this case it is prescribed not for mitigation, but for increasing their effectiveness, it "increases the concentration in the blood plasma and the focus of inflammation." Assigned to 15 tablets per day for 3 weeks. There were no side effects. It is generally well tolerated, it is still one of those medicines that can be prescribed for pregnant women.

Wobenzyme found its application in oncology inas an adjuvant therapy for chemotherapy and radiation therapy, i.e. for leveling the side effects of this treatment. Here, immunomodulatory effects of the drug are used, which contributes to the development of its own interferon in the body, potentiates immune cells, promotes the recognition and trapping of circulating immune complexes with further elimination.

Wobenzym is used in gynecology in diffusemastopathy, promotes resorption of cysts. The course of treatment from 3 weeks. up to 3 months. It is good that our pharmacy has the opportunity to offer as an alternative treatment to surgical interventions for our women.

I used Wobenzym to prevent thrombosis for 1 month. As a result, colds did not get sick for a year. The drug actually works!

I did the same with tonsillitis - it helped really

I read an article about Wobenzima. I want to clarify that Flogenzym is a medicinal preparation and is used in acute conditions: after surgery, with injuries, bruises, during rehabilitation after myocardial infarction. So no it's not a dietary supplements. A Wobenzym well influences immunity and is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Wobenzym very strong immunomodulator, he helped me a lot, forgot about the common cold) in a year two times it is necessary to drink 2 months for 3 tablets 3 times a day))))

I took this drug with an antibiotic, good tolerability and it seemed to me that I recovered faster, obviously this medicine works.

Wobenzym prescribed a cardiologist from the VSD (strong, giving in the ears, etc. palpitation at the slightest load). improvement appeared on the first week,)))) before that no drugs helped.