Non-salt edema

Table salt (sodium chloride) is useful andis necessary for the human body. It is part of the blood, lymph, intercellular space and in general all cells. By means of table salt creates the so-called isotonic state of bodily fluids, which makes the life of cells possible. The ions of sodium and chlorine take part in all the most important life processes. In a day, you need to consume 5-8 g of salt, the amount that balances the loss of sodium chloride, excreted in the urine and sweat. Unfortunately, people consume far more salt than is necessary, sometimes even up to 30-40 g per day. This leads to a delay in the body of sodium chloride and to the appearance of edema or increased blood pressure.

A salt-free diet. The essence of diet

A salt-free diet excludes the addition of salt in food, salt enters the bodyonly with products - meat, vegetables, bread, etc. Such a strict diet is recommended for chronic, neglected forms of the disease. More common is a low-salt diet, which allows minimal salting of food. If you suffer only swelling, then a gentle low-fat diet suits you.

You can deceive your body by replacing saltonion, garlic. spicy herbs. For example, a very piquant taste is obtained by adding to the soups, salads, meat and fish dishes of soy sauce (without salt), finely chopped onions. garlic, chopped fragrant herbs.

Table salt should be used competently: meat broth should be salted 20 minutes before the end of cooking, salt is added to fish stock immediately after descaling. Vegetables are salted for 5-7 minutes until cooked. Beans. peas are poorly boiled in salt water, so they salivate them almost ready, 5 minutes before they are removed from the plate. Fried potatoes are salted at the very end of cooking. In raw meat and fish mince they add salt before cooking.

Salt Free Diet is very effective for obesity:
1) All dishes are prepared without salt. Slightly salted only ready-made food;
2) eating - at least 4-5 times a day, in small portions;
3) getting up from the table is necessary with a feeling of easy hunger.
Acceptable products: rye and wheat bread (not more than 200 g per day), soups with a weak fish or vegetable decoction, meat and fish of low-fat varieties, vegetables: cabbage. cucumbers. zucchini. radish. beans, tomatoes - without limitation, potatoes, carrots, beets. fruit, berries, lactic acid products, fat-free cottage cheese, eggs. oil (no more than 10 grams per day), tea and coffee drink.

A salt-free diet recommends completely eliminating: cereals, pasta, muffins, sugar, jam, grapes. watermelon, bananas. spices, smoked products, pickles, spicy and sour dishes.

Salt Free Diet - is addressed to people with a chronic form of diseases (cardiovascular system and kidneys):
1) All meals are prepared and consumed without salt;
2) eating - at least 5 times a day, in small portions;
3) the food is cooked only for a couple;
4) Frozen is completely excluded;
5) the oil is added to the ready meals.
Recommended products: rye and wheat bread (yesterday), biscuits, biscuits, dry biscuit, soups on vegetable or fruit broth, low-fat varieties of beef, poultry and fish, cereals, dishes from raw and boiled vegetables, sweet fruits and berries, eggs (not more than one per day), jelly, compotes, jelly, milk, cottage cheese. raw cheese, tea with milk. Products that are rich in potassium salts are especially useful. raisins, dried apricots, apricots, figs. potatoes, cabbage juice.

It is excluded: fried, fatty and spicy dishes, smoked meat, pickles, marinades, fish and meat broths, lamb, pork, goose. confectionery.

Following option menu for a salt-free diet is calculated for 15 days:
3 days chicken without skin and fat (better breast) - per day you can eat 500 grams
3 days fish (not fatty varieties) - about 500 grams you can eat for 1 day
3 days any porridge on the water - you can add milk. For 1 day, 250 grams of porridge in dry form.
3 days vegetables, except potatoes (1-2 kg for 1 day)
3 days fruit, except bananas (1-2 kg for 1 day)

All products boil without salt!

Before you go on a diet "Salt Free Diet ", consult a doctor!

After a severe operation, the shift in-inI was a failure. weight all rose to the number 86 .. What I would not try. all the nonsense here and my last chance was a desalted diet. scad honestly .. the weight fell very quickly and for 1.5 months I threw off 27 kg of course I and sports do

the second day on a salt-free diet, between meals is a sensation in the tongue as if in a mouth a lollipop of salt, it must be very much in the body-the joints crunch.

Hello everyone, I have this situation, for the first time inlife caused today ambulance on the house (the tattoo was very red-scared!) The doctor decided to check me all because I get headaches often. It turned out that I have the whole body in the salt. I'm 21 and as I understand, it's very bad. In general, before going to massage, throw salts there, I will cleanse my body with herbs specifically to cleanse the body of salts + this will be on this diet. I'm always for the right diet, but to be without salt, for me it's the first time. My height is 168 / weight 50, I'm afraid even imagine how much lose weight. But very much I hope for the result. We need to think about health right now, good luck and more willpower to all of us!

Hello.I read your testimonials here, of course, lose weight in the first days, since excess fluid comes out of the body. And as soon as you start eating, you usually return weight. Prepare food for yourself and drink more water.

Hello. I read your reviews here, of course, lose weight in the first days, since excess fluid comes out of the body. And as soon as you start eating normally, the water is again outpost in the body.

Girls, hello, I also sat on this diet. Even 3 days, special until the results I do sportom.u me that's the question, Can I drink kefir during a diet.

I was sitting on a salt-free diet. For 4 days, minus 3 kg. In general, the diet is designed for 13 days. I plan to lose weight by 6 kg. With the growth of 170-weight 62, after 8 days of diet-57. A good result for those who have a lot of water in the body. Colleagues all feel sorry for me-they say I'm starving. But this is not so. In principle, if you want, you can overpower this diet.

Greetings to all, after the first son weighed 97 kgwith growth of 172, sat on a salt-free diet for three days chicken fish cereals vegetables fruits. Difficult were the first three days, then did not eat even what was planned, did not want to. For 12 days minus 10 kg, because Last week, fruits were eating basically tangerines. It was 13 and I started to try the usual food from the habit between mandarins, so I soaked for another three months eating a kilogram of mandarin a day. The result is 3.5 months minus 27 kg. I remember coming to the store and asking the seller what size of clothes I'm saying 54-56 she told me what you are 54, measure 46) the weight was well kept almost 1.5 years later the second pregnancy and plus 35 kg (which did not go away after birth. Now the youngest is three years old , I'm thinking about dieting, I do not even get one leg up (I look at the tears in the photo, so I sit down tomorrow, whoever doubts try it helps, it's not so hard as it seems.) Well, good luck!))

I am 24 years old! I'm 4 days on a salt-free diet (I only eat vegetables and fruits, sometimes I'm cunning - sometimes I add canned peas, corn or beans to the dishes - it helps to break up an opetit, and a certain percentage of salt is added, sauerkraut was added to the salad, and there you are you see, salt is also present).
In the evening I study a little at home - food is nothigh-calorie, I do not want to mock the body. (a little squat, a press and various simple exercises for intimidating cellulite - he and the culprit of this whole enterprise)
Initially, the weight was 61 kg, with an increase of 168 cm.
Now it's 57.6 kg.
It was planned to eat 7 days in this way,but now I think that this will be a lot - tomorrow I'll start gradually to introduce cereals into the diet, a couple of days later, fish for a couple, later a chicken, but again, without salt).
I will increase the physical. load.
Good luck to all!!

I would say that salt is a white poison, what is the pointpoison yourself? I'll have to try this diet, but for now that's what I got with Simeons' diet with Anat Stern, for 1.5 months of the course, I dropped 13 kg, so if you want all the information on the Internet is on this diet)