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Flattening can be congenital (about 3%cases) and acquired and represents a stable deformation of the foot, which has the character of flattening its arches. Congenital flat feet arise against a background of congenital deficiency of connective tissue.

Acquired foot disease is obtained because ofinjuries due to a fracture of the calcaneus, ankles, tarsometric bones. Flattening is also a consequence of rickets and is due to the burden of the body on the bones of the foot, weakened by illness. Static flat feet are the most common, it is the result of weakness of bones and ligamentous apparatus, muscles of the foot and lower leg, and the wearing of the wrong footwear.

Two arches of foot: The transverse (between the bases of the fingers) and the longitudinal (the inner edge of the foot) are designed to maintain balance and protect the body from shaking while walking. If the arches of the foot are flattened, the shaking during walking is compensated by the joints of the legs, and of course, by the spine. But since these additional loads are not part of their function, so there are pathologies, such as flat feet with arthrosis.

The following symptoms appear. at first pains only at walking, subsequently and at a standing, in stop, a loin, muscles of an anticnemion and a femur, fast fatigue of legs is observed. During the day, there is a swelling of the foot, which passes through the night. With a severe form of the disease, the foot becomes longer and wider in the middle part of the foot. It can be difficult for a patient to squat, for him it is easier to bend if necessary. And when he squats, he can not keep his balance.

There are problems with wearing shoes, when walkingpainful feelings occur and, trying to avoid it, the patient begins to limp. As a result of incorrect walking, a severe gait develops, a clumsy appearance may occur, and, of course, all this contributes to the violation of posture.

Flattening with arthrosis characterized by deformation of the thumbsfeet, on which "bones" are formed, that is, the appearance of bone growths occurs. This pathology is most affected by female sex, which is associated with endocrine disorders, and in women who suffer from menopause, this disease is particularly rapidly progressing.

To avoid such complications,adhere to some rules. Do not always wear shoes with high heels, avoid sitting, putting your foot on your leg. With excess weight, efforts should be made to get rid of it, it will have a good effect on the joints and vessels of the lower limbs. Try not to stay standing or sitting for a long time, and if possible alternate these positions.

Do not lift weights, let unload and rest joints, engage in easy running, swimming.

But if you already have swelling orpain of joints, it is worth contacting the Clinic for Treatment of the Spine and Joints and examined by a specialist to establish an accurate diagnosis. In the clinic you will receive professional help in the treatment of arthrosis, and with the help of experienced doctors can stop the spread of the disease in various conservative ways. Specialists will select for you an individual course of treatment. help relieve pain syndrome, prevent the progression of flat feet, edema of the feet.

For your treatment, the whole complex of procedures that are applied in the Clinic for Treatment of the Spine and Joints for this type of disease will be presented.