Hofitol edema

Attention! Before using medicines, consult a specialist!

They helped me cope with swelling, there were no side effects.

During pregnancy, I suffered very much fromedema. The doctor prescribes, constantly, "Bionorica AG" Kanefron N "", and he, in general, did not help me. Later, I was sent to a day hospital and I complained to another leading doctor for swelling. She said that from "Kanefrom" zero effect.

The doctor appointed me "Hofitol", I was very surprised. I did not know that he could help with swelling. I was very much excruciated, my huge, swollen, thirty-fifth foot size did not fit into the huge rubber slippers. Therefore, I without hesitation, bought the drug and began to drink. I took just a big pack, it was more economical.

Side effects on it was not, it is veryI was happy, because my body does not take all medications without drugs. I finally began to run to the toilet on "little need". The swelling began to subside. Of course, this did not save me from gestosis. But the process with edema was already tightened and I was very angry with the leading doctor, because she did not prescribe this drug before. Perhaps, then, it would be different.

Dear pregnant women, if you have the samethe problem does not help, "Kanefron", do not pull, consult a doctor about the drug "Hofitol" and, perhaps, you will be able to avoid problems with swelling, for the time being everything is not running.

All good and good luck!

Overall Impression. They saved me from swelling.