Cottage cheese swelling

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MDA, the doctors at us burn. edema arise from the fact that the body can not cope with the excretion of water, the kidneys are contaminated and work worse. What should I do, yeah, forbid drinking. After that, the kidneys stand up as a cola. What else should I do? AHA! Let's have more protein. Kidneys, which can not cope with this, with a shock dose of protein begin to refuse at all and a protein appears in the urine. A woman is urgently put in a hospital where she starts. infusion of droppers. Where is the logic? We were forbidden to drink, brought to such a state, and now we save, pouring into the vein 2-3 liters of water a day. Normalizing this work of the kidneys and with a clear conscience report on a happy salvation.

Firstly, we must drink! At least 1.5 liters. This is only in Russia there is such a joke - to forbid drinking. In all other countries, ALWAYS doctors are forced to drink at least 6 glasses of clean water a day. And only so fight against swelling.
Think for yourself if a child of 30 weeks weighs1.5 kg, then there is about the same amount of water, 1.5 liters. Water changes completely every 3 hours. That is, every 3 hours your body needs to get 1.5 liters of water somewhere and drive it through yourself! And where to get them, if you do not drink. Correctly, to store in advance, delivering yourself extra work, pulling this water out of the cells and storing it already used and somehow cleaned by the kidneys, again into the cages, into the future. And Nitsche that the load is several times greater, and the purification and quality of the water in the child is much worse, it's not up to fat, the main thing is to survive though somehow in such conditions!

So you can remove swelling only if you helpwork kidneys - 1) drink more 2) you can drink the grass "Brusnivert" - this is one of the few herbs that you need and can drink during pregnancy, is sold at the pharmacy. Just do not be lazy and drink 3 times a day for at least a week. Efekt, believe me, will be after 3-4 days, all swelling will go away.

and drink preferably not milk, tea and juices, and cleanwater. Milk is not a drink, it's food, and you can argue if he needs an adult. If you take it well - drink, if not - do not need to choke.
Tea contains caffeine, which dries the body, only adding problems, juices - too many sugars.

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just drink less water and there will not be edemas

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harm exactly, will not)))

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a strange advice, in general if the swelling, it is with the kidneys is not in order, I have this, too, but where the cottage cheese and meat is not clear. contact another doctor and drink less.

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Your doctor did not fully disclose your secretprotein diet for pregnant women)) the fact is that when swelling, when they recommend switching to proteins, the most important is the FULL exclusion of carbohydrates and salt. Then the protein diet makes sense. At least, she helped me a lot, swelling. Just remember, not a gram of carbohydrates, not a grain of salt. You can drink liquids in plenty, because there will be no salt, so the liquid will not stay. Yes, try another one-percent kefir, it also helps to drive the water.

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A pregnant woman should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
so that you do not have to limit yourself in the water.
From edema, you need to move more and make a foot massage.

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More water will be edema! Its consumption must be reduced! term 27 weeks and already swelling.

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about meat, on the contrary, meat is just for youcontraindicated, here's a short story: A man (like a herbivore) has a long intestine, so as a result of digesting meat and long-term presence in the intestine, the resulting toxins and toxins are eliminated very slowly from the body. Partly they are absorbed into the blood and poison the entire body, and in part, like a scum on a teapot, are deposited on the walls of the intestine. The latter complicates the work of the kidneys, promotes the development of gout, arthritis, tumors, including cancer.
In addition, meat processing plants process meatnitrites and nitrates, which give the meat a red color and protect against infections. If this is not done, the meat, a few minutes after slaughtering the animal, becomes disgustingly gray-green due to decomposition processes. However, it is not a secret that nitrites and nitrates, as a result of biochemical processes, become N-nitroso compounds that promote the formation of cancerous tumors (General oncology, edited by Academician NP Napalkova, L. 1989, "Cancer Prevention in Everyday life ", MK Levenshtein, M. 1996).
In addition, in the book "Poisons in your body"American scientist G. Null writes the following: "Slaughter animals are fattened by adding tranquilizers, hormones, antibiotics and 2700 other drugs to their feed." This should make people think about before buying another piece of meat or ham.
Based on the results of similar studies,The American, followed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that "people can avoid many cancers by eliminating the consumption of meat and eating more fruits, vegetables and grains."
After all, fruits and juicy vegetables are a natural food for people. "But what about the use of proteins and essential acids?", One of the readers will ask.
Leading experts in the field of dieteticssay: "Twenty years ago it was believed that the daily rate of protein intake is 150 grams." Today, the norm is officially recognized as 45 grams per day. " Why? Thanks to studies conducted in a number of countries, it is well known that the body does not need a lot of protein. Excessive use of it is not only useless, but also brings great harm to the human body. Moreover, it can cause serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. To get 45 grams of protein a day, it's not necessary to eat meat. The protein of cereals, legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruits fully provides the necessary amount of protein. Dairy products, such as cheeses, are high in protein. Peanuts contain protein more than sausages and beefsteak. And, finally, the opinion of nutritionists that high-grade proteins containing 8 essential amino acids necessary for a person are found only in meat, eggs and dairy products, is refuted. Studies conducted by nutritionists in Sweden and Germany showed that most vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains are a source of high-grade proteins, which, moreover, are easily absorbed by the body, in contrast to proteins of animal origin.
Do not forget that the plant world is the source of all kinds of protein and all its strength is aimed at strengthening the vitality of the body.

As a rule, doctors believe that swelling is a gestosis! Gestosis is when the protein is washed out of the body! Therefore, for the body to lack it, you need to eat as much protein as possible! But the doctors are all reinsurers! so before the time do not be nervous! It is a rarity! Hand over urine analysis, if it's true gestosis, then in urine there will be a greatly increased protein content! In the meantime, eat cottage cheese and meat!)))) Health to you!
And drink green tea. Helps with edema!

Victoria Master (2063) 6 years ago

oo, green tea is very difficult to get carried away, especially hypotensive, it lowers the pressure.

Elena Profi (714) 6 years ago

me at edemas the doctor-gyncologist appointed meat(low-fat beef) without salt and one-percent kefir, and brew leaves of cranberries and drink after a meal in half an hour. Two days a week (such as fasting days), this was enough to prevent swelling from appearing

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Reduce your fluid intake? not only water, juice, tea, but also all that contains liquid soups, fruits (they are 80% composed of water). I'm not suggesting to eat or drink anything, but we just have to cut it!

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Meat and cottage cheese are not from that opera. Meat and cottage cheese contribute to the full saturation of the fetus with calcium (cottage cheese) and rid the baby from oxygen starvation (meat increases hemoglobin, and hemoglobin favors the fetus with oxygen). Edema will still be, since they already appeared. Drink less liquid, and if you like milk, then drink a place of water with milk. Good luck to you))))))))))

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but I was constantly being unloaded because of this,recently, a gynecologist advised periodically renal tea to drink 3 times a day for half a glass. and about a miracle, achieved the desired. I eat everything but on Pts a small portion. because the little son is too big, the organs have passed a little, but I drink a lot of water and drink, I can not live without it. but with tea it felt better, puffiness less.

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I ate, nothing helped