Lymphomyositis swelling

Attention! According to the evidence of modern evidence-based medicine, the effectiveness of homeopathic drugs does not exceed the placebo effect (self-hypnosis).

natural components, efficiency, reasonable price

alcohol in the composition

Lymphomyositis was prescribed to me by a doctor after passingcourse of mesotherapy of the face, neck and décolleté area. The problem is that in connection with chronic inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx, I have disrupted the process of excretion and lymphatic drainage of the face. This causes swelling. Have appointed or nominated to me Limfomiozot on ten drops on liter of water within thirty days.

There is one bottle of Lymphomyosot two hundred and ninety rubles. Not too cheap, but if you consider that the duration of treatment a month is not so expensive.

I do not like Lymphomyosot. He is a little cloying, although a small concentration, but alcohol is still felt.
The composition of this homeopathic remedy is verycomplicated, I did not even go into details. The problem is that some of the components are not correctly translated into Russian, they are simply written in Russian transcription, whereas they have a very clear translation. I would like to understand why the manufacturer did not translate them?

All components are natural. The only thing that first frightened me is alcohol in the composition, I drank two weeks and realized that ten drops of alcohol solution during the day is not so much.
The effect appeared about two weeks later. As the doctor warned, the exudate "flowed" along the back wall of the nasopharynx, it may somehow be called differently, but I remembered this: the mucous muck clears up all the time.
Edema from the face began to go off by about the thirdof the week. I was initially worried about this moment, but the fact that the chronic disease caused my edema, for me in general was news, I thought all my life that those who drink plenty of water and eat a lot of salt swallow, it turned out, not exactly.
The drug I liked: effective, not too nasty and not too expensive.
I recommend if a doctor is appointed.

Overall Impression. It relieves edema, the effectiveness of use is increased in complex treatment