Swelling of chemotherapy

Due to the occurrence of various violations inthe body of a woman, various diseases begin to appear. According to scientific data, due to the increase in the level of female sex hormones in the blood, women develop such pathologies as uterine fibroids, mastopathy or breast cancer.

These diseases belong to one large group, which is called hormonal cancer. What is the relationship between hormones and all the diseases presented?

It is definitely there, but not every tumor is hormone-dependent, which is why hormonal treatment should not always be used.

In order to determine the sensitivitytumors to hormones carry out immunohistochemical diagnostics. And for this it is necessary to take for analysis a small piece of the tumor in a patient who will later undergo the necessary study.

What is the treatment of hormonal cancer

Typically, hormone therapy, which is used to treat this form of cancer, is aimed at blocking the mechanism of combining receptors of a cancerous tumor and female sex hormones.

In most cases, patients are prescribeddrugs like "Tamoxifen" and "Fareston". The effect of these drugs is aimed at blocking the activity of receptors. There are also other hormonal drugs that provide a reduction in the level of estrogen in the female body. Due to this, the growth of a cancerous tumor is reduced.

Hormonal cancer of the breast conditionallyis divided into the following groups: malignant and benign. Among women, benign tumors that occur due to diseases such as fibroma, adenoma and mastopathy are very common.

Sometimes treatment with hormonal drugs is not enough and doctors prescribe surgical intervention, which consists in removing the ovaries, since they produce estrogens.

Also, the treatment of hormonal cancer can be carried out with the help of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

How to win edema after chemotherapy

In the composition of drugs that useschemotherapy, includes poisonous substances, whose action is aimed at destroying both cancer cells and healthy cells of the body. It is for this reason that many people are concerned about swelling after chemotherapy.

As a rule, this side effect arisesdue to a malfunction in the kidneys. And this is not surprising, since during the implementation of chemotherapy on the kidneys had a big load. Therefore, treatment should be directed not only at elimination of leakage. but also to strengthen and restore the whole organism.

First of all, the patient must forget aboutsalt, you can replace it with iodized salt. To various dishes should be added spicy herbs, excellent effect on the body parsley and dill, so they have a diuretic effect.

It will also be useful to use as much as possiblevegetables and fruits, the action of which is aimed at removing fluid from the body. To such products carry: a water-melon, a wild strawberry and a cowberry. It is forbidden to eat food that increases the viscosity of the blood. These dishes include cold jelly, jelly, rowan. It is better to eat raspberries, currant lemon and garlic, foods that, on the contrary, dilute blood.

The appearance of edema after chemotherapy is facilitated bylack of useful microelements and vitamins for the body, which after washing the course of treatment procedures, washed out of the body. As a rule, the body lacks potassium. To make up for this deficiency, you need to use peaches, bananas, honey, apricots and lettuce.