Swelling of the blisters

Female 28 years.
Ukraine Simferopol

It all started after a heavy flu. At once the field of the flu jumped out bruises on the feet very painful, they changed their color, like real bruises. his legs were very sore. in 10 days all has passed or has taken place (loratadin, a diet).
The body temperature is 37-37.5 constantly.
Protruding spots, blisters on the skin (body, face,scalp), swelling, pain in the chest at the time of the appearance of edema (every 2 days for six months), fever, insomnia, sweating at night for 6 months. swelling of the quincke. Spots again all over the body and on the face: red, pink, like a bruise;
, pinch, burn, hurt, itch, do not pass for days, hardlyshift; wild joints ache in the spot spots. Antigistamines (any) no longer work. They did droppers with dexamethasone, resorbylact, Tavegil. Improvements were for the period of droppers. After 3 days everything is the same as before. Analyzes shchitovidki-norm or rate. Have found only a ureaplasma. Echinococci, lamblia, three times lower than normal. The internal organs, the computer tomogram, are good.
Nutrition as an allergist, with a food diary is the third year. noticed that only after chocolate-exacerbation and then not always.
The genyantritis is excluded, teeth are good, I am engagedsports; cosmetics, perfumery I use qualitative, hypoallergenic, washing - only hypoallergenic, the house - sterile, animals, plants are not present. Handed over the tests for herpes and rheumatic test. No results so far.
Pronounced Engystol - after two tablets appearedherpes on the lip, swollen throat, headache, rash again. pain in the joints, the tongue swells in the dream. The thoughts of suicide have appeared, I'm just afraid. I accept Engystol for 5 days.

I understand that without homeopathy can not cope, hormone treatment raises doubts about the effectiveness. Help, please with the right choice in homeopathy