Edema after an operation to remove inguinal hernia

To me 23 years, 3-4 months ago to me have removed an inguinala hernia. Early healed is excellent. But till now the inguinal egg hurts in that side where did or made operation (in the second there are no changes). If you do not touch it, it does not hurt, it hurts in the sense that it gets a little bigger and when you touch it hurts. Tell or say please what to do or make and whether it is necessary to address to the doctor and what? Please describe in detail. Thanks in advance!

Andrey Viktorovich Krasilnikov 25.08.2012 19:44

You will be explained in detail by the attending physician at a check-up

Anatolia | | (Male 24, eisk, russia) | 11/19/2012 16:09

after a surgical operation of the inguinal hernia, there will be no friction between the mesh and the stomach if there is an ulcer in this case. Anatoly. thank you in advance)

Hello. I performed an operation to remove the inguinal hernia - a titanium mesh with a slot was inserted. I heard that after that, not all kinds of physiotherapy can be used. What is the possible reason for the ban? What kinds of therapy are not allowed? Can I use quantum therapy devices at home (lasers of red, infrared radiation - Rikta, Heska, Orion, etc.)?

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