Edema and itching of the labia minora

This is one of the most common causesappeals to the gynecologist. Inflammation of the labia in women who are sexually active, is caused by sexually transmitted infections. In order to avoid the inflammation that can be transmitted from the infected partner, in most cases it is enough to use barrier contraceptives, such as condoms, and to regularly observe the rules of female hygiene.

Symptoms of inflammation of the labia

Vulvit, namely, this is the state of inflammation of the vulvar vulva, most often occurs in combination with the inflammatory process of the vagina. It is understood that:

  • Primary forms of the disease (when the process occurs in isolated form)
  • Secondary inflammation (is a concomitant phenomenon of inflammatory processes of other genital organs).

Burning sensation in the labia

Itching in the perineum

When walking, the above symptoms can be significantly intensified, as well as during urination

There may appear leucorrhoea, which in nature are sticky to the touch

External genital organs are characterized by swelling, hyperemia. Quite often, the process can move to the inner surface of the thighs, where you can see the combs.

On the genital external lips can form small sores, characterized by a purulent coating

Abscess as a sign of inflammation of the labia

Infection, as a rule, falls through the excretorythe duct, thereby clogging it, resulting in a false abscess or cyst. In some cases, the disease can go to the parenchyma, the lobules of the gland are filled with purulent exudate and a true abscess appears. In some cases, there is no suppuration, although the gland is enlarged and dense, and after a while the inflammation of the labia may begin again with complications.

If there was a spontaneous dissection of the abscessand the purulent contents have escaped, acute symptoms noticeably decrease, and the condition improves significantly. However, this does not mean a complete cure - after the autopsy may come a relapse, and then the inflammation of the labia becomes chronic.

If the excretory duct of the large gland getsinfection, inflammation develops, which is accompanied by the release of purulent-mucous secretions. If the infection penetrates the parenchyma of the gland, as well as into the surrounding cellulose, a true abscess develops. If there is infection and suppuration of the contents of the cyst, a false abscess is formed. If the disease becomes chronic, uneven compaction of the walls of the excretory duct occurs.

The main clinical signs of the disease are soreness in the area of ​​the labia majora, as well as an increase in body temperature.

If the disease is chronic, thenclinical manifestations are often absent. If the process becomes aggravated, then there is an increase, compaction, swelling of the labia majora, as well as tenderness in rest and palpation.

A true abscess is characterized by inflammationBartholin gland tissue. It proceeds acutely, the body temperature rises, inflammation of the labia majora is observed, as well as tenderness in the region of the large and small labia in a state of rest that increases during walking. During the examination, you can see swelling and redness.

How to treat small inflammation of the labia in the home?

Treatment of vulvitis is prescribed by a gynecologist, based onfrom the cause that led to the development of this disease (infection, chemical or mechanical effect). The treatment process includes increased attention and control over personal hygiene, regular replacement of bed linen and bed linen. It is necessary to boil, and also every day to change underwear. In addition, do not wear too tight clothes. During the course of the disease, sexual intercourse is prohibited. In addition, do not wear too tight clothes.

For the treatment of inflammation of the labia minora inAt home, appoint a bath with a disinfectant solution. In the event of an excruciating itching, an anesthetic ointment is sometimes prescribed. Unpleasant sensations that accompany the inflammatory process can be reduced by taking baths with bran or chamomile. Can help in the treatment of vulvitis and ice packs.

Fungal diseases with inflammation of the labiatreat with special ointments and vaginal suppositories. If the disease is of a viral nature, the doctor will prescribe an ointment, and also remove the viral outgrowths. If there is a severe case of inflammation of the Bartholin glands, it may be necessary to open the swollen glands.

In any case, if a disease occurs, you need to see a doctor. Even with mild inflammation, the lack of treatment can lead to very serious consequences.

The doctor will perform an examination, take a smear toto establish the causative agent of the disease. If the inflammatory process is caused by bacteria, antibiotic treatment will be prescribed. Timely prescribed treatment will help prevent the development of the disease and the appearance of complications that require surgical intervention.

Causes of inflammation in the vulva of the labia

The immediate causes of inflammatory diseases of the labia:

infection with microorganisms during mechanical stimulation of the vulva (masturbation, uncomfortable clothing, hard cotton-gauze padding during menstruation, etc.)

non-observance of rules of personal hygiene,

presence of urino-genital or enteric-vaginal fistulas, as well as abundant leucorrhoea.

The cause of the disease may be
  • diphtheria,
  • thrush,
  • actinomycosis,
  • leishmaniasis
  • and other diseases.

Predisposing factors are neuroendocrine disorders in the body, especially ovarian hypofunction, obesity, vitamin exchange disorders, diabetes mellitus, etc.

Inflammation of the labia occurs most often under the influence of streptococci, gonococci, various viral agents and fungi. In any case, they all penetrate the woman's body during sexual intercourse.

In addition to infectious agents, which most oftencan cause the development of vulvitis, the process can start and general diseases, such as diabetes. Some chemical and mechanical factors can provoke the onset of the pathological process.

Fungal infections are a consequence ofuse of hormonal contraceptives, as well as frequent visits to the pool. If vulvitis is manifested during menstruation or in front of it, it may mean that its causative agent is the herpes simplex virus, which is very often the cause of this disease.

In addition, the disease can occur anddue to an allergic reaction to a detergent or aerosols. To a vulvitis also can result diseases, which are connected with a disturbance of a metabolism in an organism. Sometimes inflammation of the Bartholin glands also causes inflammation of the labia minora.

The most common inflammatory process of the labiacan be observed in girls or in women of senile age. During sexual maturity, the causes of vulvitis may be avitaminosis and the state of ovarian hypofunction.

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