Than to remove or take off an edema mucous at adenoides

Attention! According to the evidence of modern evidence-based medicine, the effectiveness of homeopathic drugs does not exceed the placebo effect (self-hypnosis).

quickly helped, there were no side effects; reduces puffiness; helps with adenoids;

not detected;

We with the son 4 years very often treat our nose, inkindergarten almost constant colds, of course it's not a creepy green and tight snot, but still the nose often pawns, it is especially difficult to fall asleep at night and sleep at night. My son is very nervous because of a cold, I think that I would be nervous too.
We went to the next lor, and she appointed these droplets. They are very often prescribed by homeopath physicians, and immunologists can also prescribe.
Droplets well relieve swelling of the nose, a couple of days it becomes easier to breathe, without snoring.
If someone had a 2 degree of adenoids, then it becomes the first.
A good remedy that also helps in inflammatory processes in the body.

Overall Impression. Reduces edema of the nasal mucosa, helps with adenoids!