What is trabecular edema of vertebral bodies

Although I'm not a medic, I still answer by virtue of my"lapses". To begin with, you need to understand what "trabecula" is and what it is like, so the Latin trabeculae, this diminutive of trabs - log, beam, has already become clear, is not it? Then you can and do not explain, but I'll still try. Trabeculae (logs) are present in the tissues of the spleen and thymus (this is in the brain), bone tissue, cavernous and spongy bodies of the penis (yes, yes and even THERE! :-)), the heart (which sometimes beats in the chest), lymph nodes and many more where. And so with trabeculae, we at least understood, and the concept of edema is familiar to all people, especially people who after drinking a couple of liters of tea for the night, woke up in the morning looked at their faces in the mirror! Okay, let's not talk about sad things :-) So, what is edema trabecular? Even me. having no relation to the medical sciences, I know that the term "trabecular edema" is applicable to the bone marrow, so it was led, here is a drop of information that I obtained with great difficulty, especially for you, Author, by me Dear Sir, Supremum vale, at your leisure, if it makes you laugh or even a bit of fun: