How to quickly remove swelling after surgery

Rhinoplasty - an operation on which specializeplastic surgeons, its purpose is to change the shape of the nose. It is solved because of the desire to achieve new outlines. This part of the face is the most visible, and it is slightly easier and safer to change it than - eyes, chin, etc. People, having suffered minor inconveniences, forget about many complexes, feel much more confident. It can be of several types - bone, cartilaginous, cartilaginous. These species change the tip, straighten the nasal septum, eliminate the hump.

What is the difference between the procedures? When open - the incision is made under the nose to raise the skin flap, and under it the correction is performed. This is very convenient, since a specialist in plastic surgery sees the result of actions, keeps them under control. Closed rhinoplasty is performed through incisions from inside the nostrils. The appearance will quickly recover, but the operation itself is dangerous. Also in modern plastic surgery clinics use a laser. This is a good alternative to scalpel, reducing trauma danger.

After surgery, many are afraid ofedema. As you know, it depends little on the quality of the operation, its nature is natural. But edema after rhinoplasty is not the only thing that should be expected after the procedure.

The consequences usually include:

• some loss of sensitivity;

• the need for langettes.

On average, swelling occurs for two weeks, if the health is not undermined, or if the immunity is not debugged to an ideal level. In severe cases, it does not subside until six months.

Edema is not a signal of an abnormal operation. The main feature of unsuccessful rhinoplasty is the deformation of the contour of the nose. To correct this, you will have to go for a repeat rhinoplasty. With it, there are simple and complex types of correction. Surgeons are always remembered: facial tissues after the initial intervention are very vulnerable to any damage.

Swelling does not mean that there is a danger. Any patient faces this problem to some extent. The operation is a tissue damage, with what, extremely careful, at which precautions are observed. You can take it off, or just wait until it falls off.

At first, in the fight against this consequencehelps the expert himself. Primary edema occurs immediately after the intervention. Overlapping the tire is a measure of dealing with it. It is necessary to fix the form of the respiratory organ, to prevent the accumulation of fluid at a certain point. Five days - and there will be a noticeable improvement. After 10 days, the traces of intervention usually disappear. The center of plastic surgery is always warned: when the tire is removed, swelling will be visible. It refers to the secondary. His withdrawal will have to wait 1 - 1.5 months. It is not dangerous and does not signal danger, it is a natural course of recovery. It is not recommended to use drugs of a medicament nature, an exception is what the specialist will prescribe.

In most cases, swelling of this kind is notit works for about 6 months. It is worth noting that at this period it is almost invisible. It is recommended to stop worrying for this reason, relax. figuring out how to remove the swelling after rhinoplasty, you can often hear that you need to protect yourself from stress. In a number of cases, patients will not even be allowed to undergo an operation in the depressed state, because of this a large number of risks arise.

How to escape from such stress? It is important to remember that surgery always leads to a worsening of the state of mind. We need to remind ourselves that everything that was in your power has been done, and it remains only to wait for the end of the rehabilitation course. It is advisable to avoid taking medications, including sedatives, to take care of the restoration of immunity, switch to other questions, more to be out in the fresh air.

Edema of the nose after rhinoplasty is a side effect,it can not be avoided. About everyone who decided on rhinoplasty is not aware of this, they are obliged to warn about it in the clinic. After removing the gypsum, it may not be visible, then the patients will immediately see which nose will be after the rehabilitation period, but it seems excessively thick. It captures not only the respiratory organs, but also the eyes. Particularly affected is the tip of the nose.

Sometimes experts recommend folk methods. They include homeopathic preparations from the mountain arnica, make compresses, tea with them. Effectively, the plant aloe, which greatly reduces puffiness, and also has an analgesic effect. If they are strong - after rhinoplasty prescribed suitable hormonal drugs, usually injectable. They are well absorbed and give a quick effect.

Such an operation as rhinoplasty became one of thethe most popular in the world. In practice it is proved: changing the shape of the nose is the best way to perfect the proportions of the face. Not only the shape of the nose changes. At the same time, the eyes are enlarged, the whole appearance is changing. The patient appreciably increases self-esteem, he feels more confident.