Edema of the upper lip what to do

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Dear Pavel.
If you have tooth decay, seals, or have previously been removednerves from the front teeth, it is likely swelling of the lips, the result of a sharp inflammation against the background of the fact that you are frozen (decreased immunity). BUT in this case the swelling of the lip should be accompanied by reddening of the gums or swelling. Then without the help of a dentist you can not do - the inflammation is inside and no rinsing here will not help. The danger lies in the fact that if there is pus there, then there is a brain nearby and pus can go to the brain. Therefore, there are no obstacles to going to the doctor if you want to live on. It's inappropriate to wait here.
If the front teeth are never treated, youthey did not hit, there is no tooth decay, and nothing bothered them before, then the reason must be sought in another. Nevertheless, the dentist should first of all visit, and then he will tell to which specialist to apply.

Time of creation: 07-Nov-2008 16:02