Edema of the labia in women

Such a symptom as edema of the labia can occur in the presence of inflammatoryprocess in the external genital area of ​​a woman (vulvitis), or in violation of outflow of blood and lymph from the corresponding area. If the cause is vulvitis, usually a woman is worried about other manifestations of the inflammatory process: itching and burning, redness. pain during intercourse. pain when urinating.

Diseases that may be accompanied by swelling of the labia :

  • Infectious inflammation of the vulva,which is often (but not always) caused by sexually transmitted infections: chlamydia. ureaplasma. gonococcus. mycoplasma. Trichomonas. herpes simplex virus. gardnerella. candida, pale treponema. It is necessary to understand that the cause of inflammation can serve as opportunistic bacteria, which in a small amount are normally present on the skin of the woman's external genitalia and in the vagina: streptococcus, staphylococcus, enterococcus ...
  • Allergic reaction to latex, components of lubricants, underwear, intimate hygiene products ...
  • Burns and injuries.
  • In the presence of generalized edema (so called anasarca).
  • Violation of the outflow of lymph and blood from the genitals after surgery on the pelvic organs or with large tumors.

If you find swelling in the genital area - do not hesitate and contact a gynecologist. In most cases, the timely identification of the cause and the subsequent treatment, can quickly get rid of the problem.