Itching redness of the upper eyelid edema

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[10155] Edema, redness, itching of the upper eyelid
Hello! Month of 1,5 back began to swell one (right) eyelid. A month later the edema appeared in the second century (left), the eyelids began to turn red, itch, tingle, a feeling that burn. In the wind and frost there are tears. Edema passed to the lower eyelid, on the right eye. And swelling and redness in the morning! During the day, the swelling decreases slightly. In addition to all this, on the eyelids pryshchiki wetting.
I drink antiallergic, they relieve itchingtime. Biochemical blood test showed elevated cholesterol 6, 49 at a rate of 5, 20. Eosinophil in the clinical was not detected. What could it be? Help! To whom to address with centuries, the oculist? To the allergist?
Author: Irina The question was asked: 15/01/2011 20:38:23

[1] Allergic blepharitis can be treated by dermatologists, allergists, oculists.
Author: moderator Posted on: 16/01/2011 19:17:23

[2] Can you have conjunctivitis.
Author: Aydar Posted on: 22/01/2011 23:53:57

[3] I have the same situation. I had a shark, a conjunctivitis, etc.
Author: Anna Posted on: 12/07/2011 11:40:05

[4] Hello everyone! got a job 2 months ago, the operator of the laser installation marks the hard alloy after work, it is very itchy and teary eyes and redness on the upper eyelid what to do than to heal.
Author: Oksana Posted on: 31/08/2012 10:37:39