How to relieve swelling in case of injury

It is unlikely that there will be at least one person who woulddid not come across the appearance of "bags" under the eyes and swelling of the face. There are many reasons for the appearance of puffiness, and therefore it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of how to remove the swelling of the face. In each specific situation, it is necessary to act differently.

How to remove the swelling of the face with trauma?

Any trauma in the facial area is accompanied bydevelopment of edema. In the first hours after getting injured, ice should be applied to the affected area or cold compresses should be done. This will significantly reduce the size of the bruise and associated soft tissue edema.

In the future, a gruel is used from gratedsmall grater of potato tuber. Contained in this vegetable minerals and vitamins have a beneficial effect on the state of the walls of capillaries, reducing their permeability and thus helps to reduce swelling and pain.

In order to quickly remove the swelling of the face with trauma,also you can use a fresh-water sponge. The powder of this plant is diluted with boiling water to the consistency of liquid sour cream and rubbed into the skin at the site of the injury. Speed ​​up the process of resorption of the hematoma and edema can be alternating rubbing of the body sponge and the use of the gel "Troxevasin".

How to remove the swelling from the face with PMS?

In the days preceding the beginning of the regularmenstruation, the balance of sex hormones changes in the woman's body. Increasing the level of estrogen helps delay the excretion of sodium, which is the cause of edema of the hands, face. Therefore, if you suffer from manifestations of premenstrual syndrome, you should limit the intake of table salt, which is the main source of sodium ions entering the body.

To remove the swelling from the face with PMS help decoctions and infusions of the turn, kidney tea, birch buds. But from the use of furosemide and other diuretics in this situation it is desirable to abandon.

The exchange of sodium is closely related to the exchange of potassium. In this regard, doctors advise women in the days before menstruation, to enter into their diet baked potatoes, dried apricots and other foods rich in potassium.

Increased estrogen in the blood of womenthe swelling of the face arising during pregnancy is also explained. Read about how you can quickly get rid of them and do not harm the baby, you can in our article.

How quickly to remove the swelling from the face after a sleepless night?

Often, facial swelling occurs as a resultsleepless nights. In this case, cosmetologists recommend making hot and cold lotions for the face. The alternation of different temperatures perfectly stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which allows you to quickly remove the swelling from your face.

As an additional procedure, you can use and rub the skin of your face with an ice cube.

Swelling on the face after a sleepless night oftencombined with reddening of the eyes, you can get rid of it by burying eye drops that have a vasoconstrictive effect, for example, drops "Vizin".

How and with what to remove or take off hypostases on the face at an allergy?

Currently, there are more than three hundred thousandvarious substances that can cause allergic edema of the face. Such edema is characterized by sudden onset, rapid growth and painlessness. When it occurs, you must drink a pill of any antihistamine (antiallergic) drug (eg, Tavegil or Suprastinum) and seek medical help immediately.

Remember that even a small, in your opinion,allergic edema of the face can grow very quickly and lead to the development of the so-called Quincke's edema. When it is swollen, not only the skin and subcutaneous tissue, but also the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which, in turn, can cause choking and even death. Therefore, allergic edema on the face should be treated only by an allergist.

As an additional treatment that allows you to significantly reduce swelling on the face, you can use the methods of folk therapy:

  1. Take in equal proportions a well-driedroots burdock and dandelion. Grind them with a coffee grinder into a fine powder. Two tablespoons of the resulting mixture put in a thermos and pour three cups of boiling water. Insist for a day. The infusion is taken several times a day for one hundred milliliters half an hour before meals.
  2. Infusion of bear ears has a pronounceddiuretic action and allows you to quickly remove swelling on the face. For its preparation, take one tablespoon of vegetable raw materials and brew with a glass of boiling water. Insist for at least two hours. Take one tablespoon five times a day.

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