How to remove swelling from allergies

11/23/2012 20:08 | Author: Надежда

Many people, waking up in the morning, notice thatface swells. This usually occurs due to nervous overstrain, lack of sleep or overwork. The cause of swelling is the accumulation of fluid, which is caused by various hormonal failures of the body. This can be a lack of vitamins, and poor nutrition. Edema can appear as a consequence of the manifestation of allergies, so in such cases it is better not to hesitate, but to seek help from a doctor. The expert will help to find out the cause of edema and eliminate it. However, you can remove swelling from your face at home. Now we will tell you how to do it. Read more about the reasons.

First of all, you need control salt intake. As is known, the surplus of this product is capable ofto retain fluid in the body. In a day you can consume no more than 3 g of salt. In addition, the elimination of liquid prevents preservation and smoked meat. To avoid edema, you need include in the diet citrus fruits, carrots and apples. At night, it is better not to eat, as swelling on the face appears and because of late meals.

We remove swelling from the face with folk remedies:

In order to remove swelling from your face in a few minutes, you can use the following methods:

Wash with cold water. If this does not work, then you can wipe your face with ice made from broth of daisy or rose petals. You can also use frozen tea. Ice tones the skin and improves fluid outflow.

We remove swelling from the face with the help of potato mask:

To do this, grind the raw potatoes on a grater, and the resulting gruel wrapped in gauze and put on the face. Ten minutes will be enough for this procedure.

Remove swelling from the face will help excretion from the body with the help of grass, bear ears,which performs the function of diuretics. 1 tablespoon of this herb should be poured with boiling water and insist for about 2 hours. Take this formula for one spoon before eating.

In the event that the cause is heart disease. we remove swelling from the face in this way: a tablespoon of corn stigmas pour 200ml of boiling water and insist for about 3 hours in a sealed container. After the infusion is ready, it must be filtered and a spoonful of honey is added. Take every 3 hours for 2-3 tablespoons.

Just help and special cooling masks,which can be purchased at any store. The basis for them is plastic, inside which is a cooling gel. This option will help eliminate both puffiness of the face as a whole, and reduce swelling on the eyelids.

Poor kidney work can also cause swelling. In this situation, we remove the swelling from the face in this way: fir oil (in the amount of 2 drops) should be drunk in a spoon and swallowed, washed down with clean water. Thus, not only the puffiness is removed, but the kidneys are cleaned.

Traditional medicine advises to improvecirculation. This can be done with a mask of boiled potatoes or sour cream with dill. All of the above methods can be used not only as independent, but also as a supplement to the main treatment.

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