Edema after surgery on the cheek

  1. FGBU "Polyclinic No. 1" of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

Control study after medical abortion.

Inspection of an anesthesiologist with emergency care after surgical interventions or manipulations.

Observation of patients with a history of anamnesis in surgical operations.

Observation of the patient in the day care room after general anesthesia.

Intramuscular sedation during manipulation and operations.

Intravenous sedation during manipulation and operations.

Infusion therapy for the prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy after CT and MRI studies.

Repeated consultative reception of a dermatovenereologist who provides services in the profile of cosmetology (after procedures).

Photothermolysis non-ablative with dysmetabolic skin diseases Palomar Lux 1540 (hands or around the eyes or cheeks.

Phototherapy of dyschromia, vascular malformations of the skin, angiomas, telangiectasias of the skin Palomar Max G (cheeks).

Photothermolysis ablative for dysmetabolic skin diseases Palomar LUX2940 (around the eyes or pouch around the lips or cheeks, neckline or neck).

Photothermolysis ablative for dysmetabolic skin diseases (Smart Xide DOT laser) -decolote, face, upper eyelids or lower eyelids or forehead, buttocks, stomach one third (stria), hands, face, neck, treatment of a linear scar, thigh, paraorbital area, cheeks, perioral region or chin area.

upper, lower eyelid (outline-arrow.

Dermatopigmentation-correction: eyebrows, lips, upper eyelid, lower eyelid.

The curative program (care) with the use of bioorganic substances in metabolic disorders in the dermal layers of the face, neck, century, decollete.

Treatment of hypertrichosis (skin phototherapy, forehead, cheeks, chin).

Endoscopic blockade of the acid-producing zone of the stomach (with peptic ulcers of the small intestine after recurrence of the stomach).

Deep oscillation (massage with alternating electric field) on the apparatus "Hivamat 200 Evident".

Large purulent operations (carbuncle, etc.).

Laser therapy, magnetolaser therapy with the Mustang-bio device, 1-2 points, field.

Laser therapy, magnetolaser therapy with the Mustang-bio device, 3-4 points, field.

Laser therapy, magnetolaser therapy with the Mustang-bio device, 5-6 points, field.

laser, bottom or top eyelids.

laser, bottom and top eyelids.

LFK in the hall is individual with trauma after immobilization.

LFK in the group hall with trauma after immobilization (from 5 people).

Removing a tampon after tamponades.

Toilet of the nasal cavity after endonasal surgical interventions.

Toilet (washing) of the ear cavities with otitis and after radical operations.

Endoscopic operation on the maxillary sinus.

IgMRT of the vagina before and after non-ablative laser rejuvenation.

Laser therapy, magnetolaser therapy with a 700 "Mustang-bio" apparatus, 3-4 points, field.

Laser therapy, magnetolaser therapy with 950 "Mustang-bio" apparatus, 5-6 points, field.

Laser therapy, magnetolaser therapy with 850 "Mustang-bio" apparatus, 5-6 points, field.

Collection of material for study on the virus (scraping from the conjunctiva century).

Operations on lacrimal points and tubules.

Operation with ingrown toenails.

Operation cystectomy with resection of the apex of the root.

Periostotomy after conservative treatment.

Application of an erbium laser (operation, dressing).

Application of a diode laser (operation, dressing).

Application of a piezo (operation, dressing).

One-stage installation (immediately after tooth extraction) of the implant.

05 Otolaryngologist after operational paralysis of the vocal cords is difficult breathing is installed tube trochee tell me please what to do how to be.

05 Otolaryngologist Please tell me in which hospital in Rybinsk produce operations on restoration of voice with the use of titanium plates.

05 The neurologist is affected by the nerve of the vocal cords when operations it is difficult to breathe on a cord without a tube in the trachea Mezhgorod 01.

06 Gastroenterologist sour taste in mouth after food, why.

Our doctors offer only operation, and I'm afraid.

06 Endocrinologist During the operations on the thyroid damaged the larynx.

Operation went well, only the second when pulled it came off not completely and pulled it out a second time.

According to MRI images, it is revealed that there is edema in the right hip bone 15-18mm in size.

08 Otolaryngologist cost operations restoration of the tympanic membrane to a doctor of the highest category, an excellent student of Healthcare of the USSR, a surgeon from the Republic of Tajikistan.

09 Reflexologist Tell me, can I fly on airplanes afteroperations by detachment of the retina.

(Afteroperations the retina was strengthened by a laser).

09 Reflexotherapist After Accident and the treatment of its consequences lost the sense of smell - or rather there is an unpleasant smell of rotten fish.

after which in this place began to grow neoplasm of dark red color.

went to the reception to 2m doctors dermatologists - both diagnosed - piaginal granuloma, advised to remove it after childbirth, since the laser can supposedly affect the baby.

Since 2000, I have already done 5 times operation on the right parotid salivary gland (diagnosis-mixed tumor) a year ago afteroperations diagnosis: undifferentiated cancer with / glands.

Tell me, please, can there are still any methods of treatment or laser operations.

watched the transfer of health with the baby there showed that you can do not difficult operation on the nasal mucosa how to enroll.

10 a dog attacked his sister and bitten the left cheek.

Already a week through the hole in cheek Saliva is constantly flowing.

Under the eye formed edema (hardened).

After the patient turned to the trauma unit, received antibiotics (drank three days) and vaccinated against the bite.

Now it is necessary operation to remove cysts (spread to cheeks on both sides of the ears). Analyzes are collected, there are pictures.

10 of 2009 I was made operation on peg, with operations prozashol cut the larynx on the left, is it treated, what are my prospects.

10 Surgeon during operations to remove the thyroid gland my mother had a trachea damaged, put the tube down, can not breathe without it, can not say where we can be helped by Mezhgorod 19.

Still did or made samples from a nose, one year ago all was in norm or rate, and after repeat a month ago found staphylococcus.

Doctors can not diagnose, but they say what to do operation and remove some inflamed gland, but I can not breathe.

Tell me where you can make this operation, and how much it can cost.

12 Otolaryngologist After cold, I lost my sense of smell, which could be the cause. More information: http://moscow.nocyxo.ru/post_1244622710.html

02 Neurologist After ZCHMT completely lost the sense of smell.

03 Surgeon Probit canal of the salivary gland located on the left side under the auricle is made operation on its restoration, but the salivary gland does not produce saliva.

04 Otolaryngologist To me have appointed or nominated operation to remove the cyst of the maxillary sinus.

But I read a lot of reviews on the Internet, that this operation many did not help how to be.

state after PCT and radiation therapy a year.

and how much is operation.

05 Otolaryngologist I have a question, how much is it operation on the ear and where it can be done.

Doctors say what can be done operation.

06 Surgeon I had a serious head injury in 2003 after which I have gained in weight and I do not see the sight on my right side both eyes.

06 Otolaryngologist After purulent otitis, transferred in January of this year, does not overgrow the tympanic membrane.

Where better to do operation to restore the integrity of the tympanic membrane.

Moved 3 operations on this ear, the last of which was 4 months ago (radical), pleased the entire middle ear.

The process of recovery was delayed, it was necessary to do operation on the left ear (andromastoid).

06 Gastroenterologist Tortured sour taste in the mouth, intensifying after food.

After this has lost the sense of smell and taste.

08 Otolaryngologist afteroperations on the voice disappeared, lor said that they damaged the left ligament, as it will restore it.

08 Otolaryngologist Oncology of the sublingual zone- irradiation, chemistry, operation.

opera on restoration of bone tissue, Almost continuously there is a saliva, it will pass or something it is necessary to treat.

The doctor said that if I want to stay with the hearing, then I must do operation on the right ear for its restoration of the ear canal, since the left ear will soon completely deaf.

The question is whether the tympanic membrane can be restored on the left ear and whether it is worth doing operation on the right ear to restore hearing.

By the way in the 1st form I went to the institute in St. Petersburg for counseling, then such operations still passed unsuccessfully, they told me to wait until eighteen, now I'm already 33 years old.

at birth, the left side of the lip was not visible and cheek in size smaller than the right.

after all the treatments at rest are not not noticeable but when the son cries all is evenly noticeable, and little when smiling.

09 Otolaryngologist My friend did operation for the removal of the thyroid gland.

Is it possible operation to restore the integrity of the membrane.

How much is this operation.

11 Surgeon Do operations deaf, and how much it operation worth it.

11 Neurologist sour taste in mouth after food intake.

12 Surgeon How much will it cost operation nasitovidnuyu zhelezuys diagnosis folikuljarnaja adenoma Do not specialize 07. More in detail: http://moscow.nocyxo.ru/post_1276763067.html

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    Implantology with Replase Selekt Tapered Implant Immediately after tooth extraction.

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