How to remove swelling in rhinitis

If you have swollen sinuses and you can not"vosmorkatsya" need a vasoconstrictor. We have this Nazivin. They can not be used often (5 days maximum, it seems), we use no more than three. To really get better, it's better to approach the complex: after the swelling is a little off, clean the cavity, if it does not work out - rinse. Something like an aqualar, aquamaris. For advanced users - dolphin, so that from the other nostril came out. After cleaning, to dig in with something restoring the mucous, imunomodulating - we use derinat. All this set (except the dolphin) is designed for my 1.5-year-old daughter, but it also helps adults. Health to you!

You can wash your nose with salt water (saline solution,Akvamaris, Nosol or same 1 teaspoon salt diluted in 1 liter of boiling water). In addition, you can rub overnight feet ointment such as Doctor Mom, or vodka. This is called a distraction procedure - the blood will cling to the feet and the swelling of the nasal sinuses will come down.

Also drink the Sinupret dragee. It is on herbs and also removes puffiness in the cold.

Well, in case of emergency, if you have nothing against - any vasoconstrictive drug such as Rinazoline, Eucazoline.