Remove lip swelling with herpes

According to statistics, nine out of ten inhabitants of the earthare carriers of the herpes simplex virus of the first type. Most who are forced to fight this disease know how much effort it takes to treat it. Unpleasant rashes on the lips cause not only an unpleasant sensation of itching and tingling, but also give the person a certain lack of confidence during communication with other people. Faced with this, many catch themselves on this thought: "It seems to me that everyone is just looking at my lips, which are marked with herpes."

Scientists have calculated that 98% of people over the age of20 years are not only the carrier of this virus, but also actively infect each other with this disease in the acute stage, when they kiss, eat from one dish, use common hygiene means. And the sad statistics continue to grow ...

Worst of all, as doctors say, that with the firstherpes rashes people do not seek to immediately deal with his treatment, but try to disguise the damaged space, while continuing to lead a habitual way of life (go to work, contact people). Moreover, it never occurs to anyone that an exacerbation of herpes occurs at the time of immunosuppression. So, going to your colleagues in the office, you run the risk of not only sharing the herpes virus with them, but also picking up other diseases, such as ARVI, flu, angina (immunity is something lowered!).

Therefore, it is better to listen to the advice of doctors and stay in the period of exacerbation of this virus at home, where to fully engage in treatment.

Many carriers of the herpes simplex virussuspect that even with a kiss on the cheek, they can infect another person. And the latter can learn about this, only when his body for various reasons will not have sufficient protection. The fact is that from the moment the virus enters the human body, it hides in the nerve nodes, without causing its owner any trouble. But, as soon as the immunity becomes weakened, the virus begins to multiply actively. Itching and tingling appear on the skin and mucous membranes.

However, at this point the person is not yet contagious forothers. This is the first stage of the disease, and at this point it is important to maximize the use of antiviral drugs based on acyclovir. At this time, their use is very effective, and often allows you to stop the multiplication of the virus, and, therefore, the development of the disease.

If the first stage of treatment did not succeed,then the disease enters the second stage. At this moment, the liquid-filled vesicles appear on the skin, which cause pain and create discomfort during eating and socializing. To all else, it is at this stage that a person with the herpes virus becomes contagious to others.

Help in this situation, reduce swelling, relieveinflammation and pain, you can use warm compresses. On the affected area, put cotton pads moistened with herbal infusions, mint, chamomile, melissa, celandine. Doctors also recommend these days to follow a certain diet: to exclude from your diet salty, pickled and sour. But dairy products (cheese, yogurt, kefir, milk), rich in lysine, are good helpers in the fight against herpes. Also, do not forget to actively use antiviral drugs during this period.

In the third stage, the contents of the bubbles beginmutten, they burst, leaving thus painful jazvochki. At this point, the patient poses the greatest danger to others, as it disperses an incredible amount of viruses around itself. At this time, it is necessary to minimize any contacts, and also to use separate utensils and hygiene items. To accelerate the healing period, lubricate the affected areas with fir or sea-buckthorn oil.

It should also be remembered that the herpes virus affects not only the skin of the lips, but also other parts of the body. Do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene!

Be careful. Herpes virus is the first sign of a decrease in immunity, and, therefore, in the autumn-winter period it is necessary to take care of supporting your body.

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