Edema of the labia and secretions

Edema of the labia - this is the swelling of the external genitalia. The small and large labia may grow at the same time. They have different structure and perform special functions in the body of a woman. Skin folds, called the labia majora, protect the internal organs from mechanical influences and environmental factors. They are concentrated fiber and venous plexus. In the small labia, the tissues of which contain venous vessels, arteries, various fibers and sebaceous glands, the nerve endings are concentrated. They are part of the vulva.

In addition to the labia, the swelling is formed on the clitoris,vestibule of the vagina, in the Bartholin glands. It appears in the increase of tissues and their swelling. Often the color of the skin and mucous membrane changes. In some cases ulcers are formed. Unusual watery discharge with an admixture of blood or pus may appear on the underwear. When walking, performing physical exercises, sexual intercourse or mechanical influence on the sexual organs, there is a tangible pain. Lymph nodes in the groin area can become inflamed. This symptom is determined by touch. The woman experiences discomfort, loss of appetite and weight can be observed.

Causes of edema of the labia

Sexual intercourse. In this case, edema does not require treatment, but passeshimself a few hours later. His appearance is caused by the influx of blood, which is provoked by sexual intercourse. It is worth consulting a specialist if the tumor does not subside for a long time.

Candidiasis. This disease is more known as thrush. Edema is one of her symptoms along with itching and pain, especially with urination and sexual intercourse, as well as curdled vaginal discharge. Both men and women are affected. To be treated it is necessary for both partners, as the causative agent of an infection is transmitted during sexual intercourse. You can get infected by using other people's underwear or through other objects. The fungus itself does not present any danger. Infection develops only when favorable conditions develop: hormonal failures, weakening of immunity, unbalanced diet, poor-quality underwear made of synthetic materials. As a result, itching is felt on the external genitalia. Constant scratching leads to edema. To get rid of it it is possible, having cured the main reason of occurrence-candidiasis.

Pregnancy. For this period in a woman's life is characteristicaccumulation of fatty tissues in the genital area and the abdomen bottom in order to provide heat to the fetus. Often these formations can be mistaken for swelling. The swelling passes after childbirth, but if it gives you unpleasant sensations, you should see an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Vulvodina. This disease is accompanied by painspulsating character. They appear suddenly, bother for a long time, and then also unexpectedly pass through. Vulvodynia in some cases leads to edema. Her cause may be sexually transmitted infections, uncomfortable underwear, somatic diseases and even damage to nerve endings. Pain appears during sexual intercourse and movement. You should consult a specialist for help, otherwise the discomfort can become so strong that you will not even be able to sit still.

Herpes. It is passed at the sexual certificate or act, and its or his riskoccurrence increases several times with frequent changes of partners or weakening of immunity. The main symptoms of herpes. the formation of ulcers and vesicles, within which fluid accumulates, general malaise and fever, itching, swelling and redness of the skin. When urinating, pain can occur. Symptoms of herpes are noticeable only during the period of its exacerbation within a few weeks. Then the disease can not be manifested in any way.

Vulvit. Vulva is called external genitalia: labia, vagina, hymen. Inflammation of this area and is a vulvitis. It can be caused by a number of medications, including antibiotics, certain diseases, allergies, non-compliance with basic hygiene rules, and increased humidity of the genital organs. Edema is the main symptom of vulvitis, like redness of the skin, burning sensation and general weakness.

Bartholinitis. This disease is an inflammationSpecial glands located in the vestibule of the vagina. They are called Bartolin. Inflammation causes special microorganisms, and its development is accelerated by sexual infections. At the initial stage of the disease in the field of bartholin glands an abscess is formed. The skin on the genitalia becomes unnatural red and swelling appears.

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Treatment of edema of the labia

Try to get rid of swelling yourselfIt's not safe. In addition, only the elimination of the underlying cause of its appearance will help cope with the swelling. Therefore, you need to contact a gynecologist who will determine what led to the formation of an edema, and will prescribe the treatment of the detected disease.

Candidiasis uses vaginal suppositories andimmunostimulating drugs. Hormonal medications are prescribed with vulvodynia. It is in this disease that thrush often overgrows, if no measures are taken. Vulvodynia is accompanied by severe pain, so it is necessary to take drugs aimed at suppressing them. Sometimes antidepressants and antihistamines are also required (antihistamines 1, 2 and 3 generations). Antiseptic drugs are used for vulvitis, and antibacterial drugs for bartolinitis.

Sometimes the cause of swelling is a diseaseone of the major systems of the body, for example, the endocrine system. In the process of treatment to get rid of the tumor will need to suppress or enhance its functions. It is only the specialist who can precisely determine the reasons, and it is important not to postpone the visit to him to prevent complications.

Author of the article: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna, gynecologist, specially for the site ayzdorov.ru