How to treat swelling of the upper eyelid

In order to know how to treat barley in the upper eyelid, it is first necessary to establish what caused it to appear.

The main symptoms and signs of barley in the century

Barley on the century called the inflammatory process,which is characterized by the appearance of a pouch filled with pus, in the corner of the eye near the eyelashes. The disease got its name quite rightly, because the emerging purulent formation in its appearance in many respects resembles a cereal grain. When treating barley, it is necessary to determine what exactly it differs from a number of other diseases of the eyelids and eyes.

The primary signs of barley in the century should beinclude redness of the eye, unpleasant painful sensations during blinking, as well as the appearance of edema directly near the line of eyelash growth. About 3 days after the onset of these symptoms, a pouch filled with pus appears in place of the edema, and has a yellowish or reddish hue. The upper part of this pouch is covered with a yellowish crust. After 3 or 5 days after the onset of the disease, the natural sac bursts, after which all pus flows from it, and the morbidity of the eyelid gradually begins to subside. Many mistakenly believe that the disease completely passes, but in fact it is not. In order to prevent possible complications, it is necessary to conduct competent and timely treatment of barley.

In most cases, the upper eyelid is affected by barley as a result of such physiological and psychological conditions as:

  • supercooling;
  • sharp set or, conversely, loss of body weight;
  • the presence of a serious infectious disease;
  • disorders in the immune system;
  • significant fatigue;
  • emotional experiences;
  • depressive conditions;
  • a feeling of anxiety and fear.

In addition, this disease is oftenconsequence of insufficient hygiene. In this case, contaminants or sebaceous secretions clog the glands or bulbs of the eyelashes. In order for the moment of recovery to come as soon as possible, in no case should one touch the place of inflammation with dirty hands, and also try to squeeze out a pouch with pus: such actions can lead to irreparable complications. In addition, ignore unpleasant symptoms and wait until the inflammatory process disappears by itself, is also extremely undesirable, because in this case it will be difficult to maintain eye health.

There are two main varieties of barley: internal, which is called meibomite, and the outer one. In the first case, the inflammatory process affects the meibomian gland, and in the second - the sebaceous gland. External barley is accompanied by a sensation of a weediness of the eye, redness and swelling of the skin of the eyelids. Inner barley is characterized by redness andedema of the inner surface of the eyelid. In both cases of barley, a painful twitching of the eyelids can be observed. The internal barley is a rarer phenomenon than the external barley, but the treatment methods for both types of disease are similar.

In order to effectively treat barley, several methods can be used, but first of all it is necessary to obtain the recommendations of an ophthalmologist.

In order to remove the primary inflammatoryprocess, doctors prescribe to their patients the use of special medical preparations, most often drops or ointments, which contain highly effective antibacterial substances. Successful treatment of barley on the upper eyelid guarantees the systematic use of sulfacyl-sodium ointment. Special UHF procedures can significantly enhance the effect of treatment and bring recovery closer. Cure internal barley can be by applying dry heat to the affected area of ​​the eyelid.

Patients with internalbarley, in no case should the inflammation spread to too large a size: with such serious complications, it is very difficult to do without professional surgical intervention. In addition, in such cases, doctors prescribe the use of a special one-percent yellow ointment. It is necessary to treat the affected area with this remedy until it is fully restored.

To effectively treat this disease, you canapply and some herbal remedies. One of the most popular is aloe, which is thoroughly crushed, insisted for 6 hours in boiled cold water, and then used as a lotion for the diseased eyelids. In just 2-3 days this unpleasant disease should disappear completely.

Effective in this direction are lotions with strong green tea or decoction of calendula flowers. Inside, the use of decoction of tansy flowers is also recommended.

An important role is played by prevention.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself from the danger of damaging the eyelids with barley, you must follow certain rules:

  • as often as possible to change the towel;
  • Do not touch the eyes and eyelids with unwashed hands;
  • use only individual cosmetics.

In addition, you need to maintain good health and eat right. And, of course, to strengthen the immune system.